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How to Begin to Change Your Cleaners

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Humans like to be comfy. While we may complain of the same old thing day in and day out we also tend to get a little worked up with life when things are out of the norm. Creatures of habit indeed we are.

I hope this month’s blog posts on our spaces and what it means to clean more naturally has spoken to your heart. I hope it has triggered in you the thought that it is worth considering changing even just one cleaning product in your routine to see for yourself what is possible. This may seem small but I know how I was when I first started this process and it was bigger than I gave it credit.

That is because again we like familiarity. You may be a brand loyalist like I was or perhaps you really are driven by another characteristic like scent or price point. Perhaps it’s just what you were taught to use and you have never thought of needing to switch. All of these are valid reasons we don’t think about what we are using outside of these needs.

Changing to something new introduces uncertainty and risk that it may not be exactly what you like or that it cost more in an already tight family budget. I understand that and share your concerns because my family’s budget could always use a few extra dollars too. This is why I shared an update to the Cost of Clean post earlier this month. (see this link: ) This post shared with you what I have seen since my first fair assessment of the cost of cleaners I was using and what that looks like a year later. The truth is it does actually cost less to go natural. The savings are very tangible and the benefits even more so.

Lessons Learned

Having gone through this process several times now in transitioning my home’s cleaners these are my best tips for someone just starting out.

  1. Be curious. Look at all the options available both locally in your markets as well as online and through DIY sites

  2. Try what appeals and makes sense for you. It make not make sense to overhaul your entire house right now. Start where it makes sense and is easy for you. What works for you is what’s right for you

  3. Read the labels. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients or when you look them up they’re questionable then pass on that item. In this process we don’t want to end up with something that is just like what we were using in terms of toxicity

  4. Many manufacturers offer samples if you look on their websites. If making your own try a small batch of a cleaner and see what you think.

  5. Check your farmers market. Many local farms make up small batches of cleaners and sprays using ingredients from their farm. It’s a cool way to see how simple and effective a DIY cleaner can be in your own home

  6. Stick to your budget. There’s not a need to go all out over what you normally spend on cleaners. Find a solution that is no more than what you are currently spending and make it a fun challenge to find something that costs less, including comparing the cost of making your own version.

  7. Use up what you have. While the challenge here is to use more natural cleaning options in our life and there’s good reasons for doing that don’t bust your budget tossing out things you have already on hand. Use it up and replace it with more natural options. Plus many of those containers if cleaned properly can be up-cycled to use with your DIY cleaners.

  8. Ask questions. I’m happy to help with what I’ve learned and tried.

  9. Share your experiences. The more we share what each of us learns on this subject the more we can challenge manufacturers to clean up their act and help others step away from the marketing messages that drive us to products that are unhealthy for us and our planet

Where to Actually Start

For me I started in a room that was the least fun for me to clean – the bathroom and in particular the toilet. I was just about out of toilet bowl cleaner and figured it was just a great place to experiment doing something different.

The area or room you start with is entirely up to you. I would start in a small area so that you can physically see changes and differences quickly. Sometimes in a larger room you don’t notice the smaller details or lose track of where you tried something new to see if it worked.

Use the natural option you’ve chosen a few times. I admit when I was experimenting and would purchase a natural cleaner to try I would use it all even if I didn’t like so that I wasn’t wasting. Doing so allowed me to truly test the product in terms of how it cleaned, how it held up, what it smelled like and if I truly liked it or not week-after-week. As I found sometimes my own brand loyalty was getting in the way of me being open to something new and I had to work through that honestly.

Be sure the dependent things you use in conjunction with the natural product also work. For instance if you’re dusting with a natural dusting spray use a soft microfiber cloth instead of a Swifter Duster with the spray.

Interested in more?

It’s time we take back our homes and health so we can truly realize improvements in our health and environment. Switch just 1 and share your story on this post. I’d love to hear of your experience!

If you have questions or would like to talk about how essential oils can help in your transition to natural cleaning, please reach out. I’m happy to help and there is never any pressure to purchase.

With a doTERRA account you can save at least 25% on all your purchases. This is a great access point to pure high quality natural essential oils and natural products made from those oils. Learn more by contacting me or checking our website.

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