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How to Properly and Safely Dilute Oils

While using essential oils in your home and health is easy there are guidelines for how to use them safely.

Essential oils are highly concentrated. For instance, in the 15ml bottle of doTERRA Lemon, it takes 76 lemons to make that 1 bottle. That means 1 drop of this lemon essential oil is equivalent to almost 3 and 1/2 lemons.


That’s whole lemons too not 3 and 1/2 slices.

So when you use essential oils it’s important to know how to apply, diffuse and internally take them to not only maximize the benefits they provide but not overdo it with too much causing yourself harm or a bad experience.

The Value and Benefit of Diluting EOs

First dilution means blending the oil with another material such as a carrier oil, lotion or other ingredients. There are 3 primary reasons to dilute:

  1. It will make your essential oils go farther, thus saving you copious amounts of money

  2. Adding essential oils to a carrier oil helps to increase the absorption of the oils.  You can also spread the oil over a larger surface.

  3. Helps you to practice essential oil safety.

How to Dilute an EO for Topical Use

You can get rather scientific about dilution but in general the easy way to do this is:

  1. Simply put the desired amount of lotion or carrier oil you will be using in your palm

  2. Add 1 to 2 drops of essential oil to the carrier and mix with your finger

For babies, children and pets here are some handy charts for knowing the ratio of oil to carrier.  I also recommend following the child chart if you are a new oil user or are uncertain how you will respond to a new oil.

The point is start small. It’s ok to use a 1/2 drop – no one will judge you!
dog dilution
cat dilution

When you are new oil user, start small and see how you respond to the oils. This can take time as our body lets go of toxic and chemical based things we are used to using in our home and health. we all respond to certain oils differently and need different ones specific to our body. Take your time and enjoy experimenting to find the ones perfect for you.

The wonderful thing about doTERRA is many of their oils come as Touch versions. This means they are pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil and you can just roll them on where you need them!


Dilution Through Diffusing Oils

When you use a diffuser you are using the water in the diffuser to dilute your oils. Here too you do not want to overdo the amount of oils you are using.

Most diffuser blends use 2-5 different oils on average. In most cases you are using 2-4 drops of each at most each time you run your diffuser.

For best results, make sure your diffuser is a high quality, high output cool mist diffuser. It should produce large amounts of mist on a continual or brief interval basis the entire run cycle.

For smaller rooms, or a nursery, you want to decrease this to even 1 to 2 drops only.

It’s worth investing in a quality diffuser to maximize the oils you are using.

Interested in more?

If you have questions or need help knowing how to apply oils please reach out. We’re happy to share best practices and help you use your oils properly.


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