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How to Use Arborvitae

This is a unique oil.

I think it smells like the woodsy with some leather blended in. My husband does not like this oil at all. Granted it is a stronger smelling oil that you definitely recognize.

While it is a stronger smelling oil, it has some incredible uses and benefits that we can all realize from incorporating it into our health and home.

This oil is used for anti-fungal, anti-virus and antibacterial support but it also has elements to support our emotions.

Where it comes from

The fountain of youth is actually a tree.

Arborvitae actually means “tree of life.” The oil actually comes from the Arborvitae tree. The tree is also known as the red cedarwood tree. It is native to the Northern Pacific region where these majestic trees can live for well over 800 years!

The tree is often used in furniture finishes due to the valuable resin it produces.

This resin is also used to make the essential oil that can benefit our health.

doTERRA’s Arborvitae oil is derived from distilling the wood pulp from the tree.

Top Uses


First, this oil is great at dealing with fungus infections and candida. Simply apply to the bottom of your feet or area affected.


Someone in the house sick or have a bug? Bring out the Arborvitae! This is an ideal oil again to put on the bottom of the feet to kill the virus and prevent spreading.


This oil is a great natural bug deterrant!

If you ever get to the see the redwoods in California, the one thing you won’t see are bugs. These trees are anti-bug and the use of the oil on your surfaces or as part of your bug spray will keep you feeling like your hanging out with the masters of bug repellent.