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How to Use Basil

Basil is easily recognized for its culinary uses. It is a common herb grown in most home gardens and used regularly in many dishes and sauces.

Basil’s uses however extend well beyond the stove top. When basil leaves are steamed to derive the essential oil from them, basil can be used for a multitude of health support needs.

Where it comes from

doTERRA’s Basil essential oil is sourced from the United States. The leaves are steam distilled to pull out the essential oil of the plant.

Top Uses

Cooking and Seasoning

Again, basil is most notably used for cooking. Like the actual plant leaves, the essential oil may also be used in recipes. When cooking with essential oils, drops are used in lieu of herbs. In this case 1-2 drops of basil would easily season a spaghetti sauce.

Adrenal Fatigue

Basil replenishes for things our bodies need from ongoing stress that result in tiredness, sluggishness and general “blah” feelings.

Applying a drop of basil essential oil to the bottom of your feet will help reduce adrenal fatigue symptoms.


For centuries, basil was used as a common household remedy for earaches.

When using, do not put the oil inside the ear. Instead, apply a drop behind and down the ear area and gently swab the ear canal to relieve pain.

Migraines, Headaches and Dizziness

Applying a drop of basil along with wintergreen and peppermint can bring migraine relief as well as help sooth dizziness from vertigo.

A great way to apply is to take a cool damp cloth and apply to the back of the neck with a drop of basil.

Nausea and Cramping

Whether from illness, digestive concerns or menstrual cycle, basil can help alleviate the pains from nausea and cramping in the stomach area. Simply take 1 drop in a veggie capsule or apply directly with fractionated coconut oil to the stomach area.

Gout and Rheumatism

Basil can help reduce t