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How to Use Cardamom

Cardamom is not a well known oil for most beginner users. More commonly used in cooking, cardamom is a close relative to ginger. The seeds of cardamom have an earthy, spicy scent that seasons many dishes.

When cardamom is steam distilled the essential oil that is produced can support our digestive system.

Cardamom is often found in natural cough lozenges.

Where it comes from

doTERRA’s Cardamom is sourced from Guatemala. The gentle seeds are flavorful and scented perfectly for cooking and healing.

The plant can be grown in the United States as a houseplant but is native to jungle regions. It prefers moist soil and high humidity temperatures.

The seeds that are harvested sprout near the bottom of the plant where they are harvested by hand.


Top Uses

Cooking and Seasoning

Like the spice form of cardamom, the essential oil can be used to flavor dishes. Cardamom works well with chicken, beef and fish.

Digestion Support

Cardamom can used to help with stomach aches and constipation by taking internally or applying to the abdomen.


Applying cardamom essential oil to the chest can help loosen mucus and support congestion relief.

Sore Throats and Fevers

Gargling with cardamom and water can relief and start the healing process for sore throats. Likewise, using cardamom to the back of the neck can help with fever reduction.


Bad breath and household odors can be treated with cardamom. Taking a veggie capsule of a drop of the oil or diffusing the oil in your home treats unpleasant odors in your body and home.

Emotional Support

Cardamom is an oil that can support our perspective. When we feel self-centered, selfish and too focused on our own self and needs, Cardamom can open our minds to be more charitable, open to others and willingness to consider other perspectives.


In addition to blending with your favorite dish, cardamom blends well with other oils for use in your diffuser.

Use peppermint, clove or lavender for a complex aroma to provide respiratory support in your home.

Price Per Drop

Cardamon is a very high quality oil that is also very economical. For a 5ml bottle containing 150 drops of oil the cost is $0.30 per drop.

Further Information


Interested in more?

If you would like to add cardamom to your natural health needs and kitchen, please let me know. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about this essential oil and how it can help you in your health and home.

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