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How to Use Cassia

Cassia is a a beautiful flowering plant that has cascading yellow flowers.  It has a pleasant earthy and spicy aroma that is similar to cinnamon.

Often cassia can be replaced for cinnamon in cooking and medicinal needs.

Where it comes from

doTERRA’s Cassia essential oil is sourced from China where the plant grows most naturally. It is often seen growing up archways along walkways and used in plenty in parks and gardens.

The essential oil for Cassia does not use the flower but rather comes from the bark. The bark is steam distilled to draw out the oil.

Top Uses


As mentioned Cassia can be substituted for Cinnamon and is often noted as being slightly less spicy. It is sweet like cinnamon and has a very similar aroma and taste.

Water Retention and Kidney Infections

Applying a drop of cassia to the bottom of your feet or taking it internally through water or a veggie capsule supports the bodies ability to eliminate water weight. These same steps can be used to support kidney infection needs.

Weight and Blood Sugar Management

Cassia also works similar to cinnamon in helping manage blood sugar levels in the body. Cassia is a natural metabolism support solution to take internally with meals to lower blood sugar and can be used for weight management dietary needs as well.

Sexual Drive

When inhaled through a diffuser or direct inhalation, or applied to the bottom of the feet cassia has been known to help increase sexual drive and interest.

Cold Hands and Feet

With it’s warm spicy aroma, Cassia can also be applied to the feet and hands to create a warming sensation throughout the body. It natural helps increase blood flow and trigger the body’s ability to generate warmth.

It is perfect to include a drop of cassia insight socks and mittens during winter months to help keep your hands and feet warm while outside.

Emotional Support

Cassia’s aroma is ideal to help overcome emotional feelings of uncertainty and the anxiety that comes from that feeling. It is a good oil to diffuse when you have doubt and need to make a decision.


Cassia blends well with Wild orange, Ginger and Siberian Fir.

Price Per Drop

Cassia is very inexpensive coming in at $0.07 per drop. doTERRA’s Cinnamon costs $0.24 per drop so if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative I would select Cassia.

Further Information

It is recommended Cassia be diluted before skin application due to it’s potency. Using fractionated coconut oil or a favorite unscented lotion is recommended.


Interested in more?

If you would like to try Cassia or have questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help you get accurate information so you can make the right choice for your needs. There is never an obligation to purchase.

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