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How to Use Clary Sage

Maybe it’s the fact that butterflies and dragonflies love this plant but I admit this is one of my favorites.  Maybe I’m part butterfly?

I use it a great deal throughout the month and often just because it makes me feel good and happy. It is an ideal oil for women’s health and emotions.

Clary Sage is a close relative to Lavender but the aroma and uses are different.

Where it comes from

doTERRA’s Clary Sage essential oil comes from the United States.

Clary Sage is a salvia plant that thrives in many backyards across the country and is used extensively to attract butterflies, dragonflies and bees. The spikes of the plant are purplish and the plant has a sweet musky aroma that makes gardens fun to be in.

The flower of the plant is steam distilled to make the essential oils and open up the plant’s ability to support our health needs.

Top Uses

Parkinson’s, Seizures and Convulsions

Clary Sage essential oil helps support brain function and can support the symptoms associated with neurological conditions. Apply to the back of the neck with fractionated coconut oil

Hormonal Changes and Balancing

Every woman goes through continual hormonal shifts in her body.  Clary Sage supports our needs by helping balance those shifts to help us emotionally and physically.

The oil can be applied to the bottom of the feet, across the stomach area and taking internally through a capsule.

Infertility and Postpartum  

Using Clary Sage in a capsule or applying to the abdomen reflex points helps our bodies support the changes we are experiencing during these health changes and concerns.  This oil helps us heal and feel supported.

Diffusing this oil, applying it to the heart and bottoms of the feet is also recommended for support in this area.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Again, every woman sooner or later will go through this change. There are several acute medicinal treatments available but given the scary stories of hormone replacement therapies I recommend seeing if a natural solution can work better for you.

Combining Clary Sage with water and Peppermint essen