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How to Use Eucalyptus

I remember the first time I saw a eucalyptus tree. It was in a park. I remember realizing how wonderful it smelled and cool waxy leaves that felt slick between my fingers. It was pretty and fragrant.  It made me realize the power of nature to support us.

Eucalyptus is a very helpful plant to our physical and behavioral health needs. It also helps around our home.

Eucalyptus oil was first used in acute medicine in the 1700s to treat respiratory needs. Some ancient religious and healer records show even earlier uses dating back to the A.D. time period.

The oil was used extensively during World War I to treat flu and control infections.

It is of course a wonderful snack for koala bears.

Where it comes from

doTERRA’s Eucalyptus oil comes from Australia.

While the eucalyptus tree grows in many areas around the globe it prefers the hot humidity of tropical settings the best.

The leaves of the tree are steam distilled to create the oil that can be used in our health and home.

Top Uses

Congestion, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Asthma, Sinusitis and Other Respiratory Concerns

Applying eucalyptus oil to the chest with a fractionated coconut oil or diffusing it can help loosen mucus and provide relief from coughing.

Fever and Heat Sensitivity

Applying eucalyptus and peppermint to the spine with fractionated coconut oil creates a cooling effect to soothe fevers.

Kidney Stones

These painful stones can be relieved with applying a gentle massage of the oil over the kidneys and areas of pain.

If you are using a a high-quality oil that is food safe, I only use doTERRA for this reason, you can take a veggie capsule drop of the oil to also relieve this pain. Again, make sure the oil is pure and able to be taken internally.


Diluting and applying eucalyptus around the ear (not in) can sooth earaches.

Breast Issues