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If My Head Hurts What Does That Have to Do with My Feet?

Most of us just want a quick remedy to what hurts or what is making us feel bad so we can resume our normal activities and not feel sick, out of energy or rundown. We focus intently on the specific area of our body that hurts or aches in these times not realizing we have our very own message and delivery system that can expedite our healing process.

It can seem strange to think about your feet as the gateway to your health but open any old homeopathic book and you will find numerous remedies and treatments all focusing on using our feet.  Medicine applied to our feet bottoms isn’t a new age method at all but has in fact been used for centuries in treating illnesses.  As a child, I always thought this was done as a way to torment children with stinky medicine when they were sick but turns out there’s actually something to it.

Today we continue to apply things to our children’s feet, particularly babies, because it is an easy application method and seems to deliver relief to a child who has a fever, cold, flu, congestion or allergies.

I remember my great grandmother, who came from Poland and spoke very little English, standing in her kitchen making these really smelly homeopathic treatments that she would put on our feet before bed and make us sleep in socks. I personally hate wearing socks to bed and found this entirely miserable. However, I would wake up in the morning with my nose unclogged and feeling a little better.


Why the Feet Bottoms Are the Ideal Medicine Spot

Large Pore Theory Debunked

It has been said applying treatments to your feet bottoms works because of the size of the pores you have on the bottom of your feet. The belief was by leveraging these unsightly large pores the treatments would absorb faster and start working to support what you needed.

Have you checked out your feet bottoms?