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If My Head Hurts What Does That Have to Do with My Feet?

Most of us just want a quick remedy to what hurts or what is making us feel bad so we can resume our normal activities and not feel sick, out of energy or rundown. We focus intently on the specific area of our body that hurts or aches in these times not realizing we have our very own message and delivery system that can expedite our healing process.

It can seem strange to think about your feet as the gateway to your health but open any old homeopathic book and you will find numerous remedies and treatments all focusing on using our feet.  Medicine applied to our feet bottoms isn’t a new age method at all but has in fact been used for centuries in treating illnesses.  As a child, I always thought this was done as a way to torment children with stinky medicine when they were sick but turns out there’s actually something to it.

Today we continue to apply things to our children’s feet, particularly babies, because it is an easy application method and seems to deliver relief to a child who has a fever, cold, flu, congestion or allergies.

I remember my great grandmother, who came from Poland and spoke very little English, standing in her kitchen making these really smelly homeopathic treatments that she would put on our feet before bed and make us sleep in socks. I personally hate wearing socks to bed and found this entirely miserable. However, I would wake up in the morning with my nose unclogged and feeling a little better.


Why the Feet Bottoms Are the Ideal Medicine Spot

Large Pore Theory Debunked

It has been said applying treatments to your feet bottoms works because of the size of the pores you have on the bottom of your feet. The belief was by leveraging these unsightly large pores the treatments would absorb faster and start working to support what you needed.

Have you checked out your feet bottoms?


The pores on the bottom of your feet are not large at all compared to others all over your body.

Pores excrete not absorb.

They are 1-way channels to eliminate toxins, sweat and other things your body does not need out so it can regenerate new cells and the things it does need to function properly. Your feet in fact are one of the major exit points of toxins for your body as are your hands and scalp.

How Feet Bottoms Actually Work

Your feet among it’s thousands of sweat gland pores eliminating toxins are a message center to the rest of your body. This is one of the reasons acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, chiropractic and other natural based treatments focus everything on your feet.


We know there are areas on the feet that directly support messages to and from specific areas in your body.  For instance we know our big toes are the direct message channel to our brains.

This messaging process is possible because our feet are the end points for over 7200 nerves we have in our bodies. These nerve endings are the Pony Express of delivering messages, medicine and support to our cells. So, when we apply essential oils to our feet, these nerve endings take that oil to our cells to start delivering benefits very quickly to that specific area in need.


You don’t necessarily need to know all the specific areas of the foot to know where to apply essentials oils for treating illness or supporting your health. By applying essential oils to the entire bottom of the foot you are supporting not only what you are focused on but you are also supporting dependent systems that also need support because of an illness.

For instance, if I have a sinus infection, I know I can apply a drop of Oregano essential oil to my feet bottoms to help support decongestant needs and headaches from that sinus infection. However, often when we have 1 illness we are treating, dependent systems in our body also need some extra support during this time. So while my nose is clogged and my head hurts, most likely my respiratory in general also needs extra support and my energy level is lower because I’m not feeling my best. Oregano essential oil is going to help my sinus issue and deliver support to my immune system so it can boost its operations to help me recover.

How to Apply Essential Oils to Feet

Essential oils work best when they are applied with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or unscented high quality natural lotion. Mixing an essential oil with a carrier oil allows absorption to occur slowly so your body has a steady and adequate dosage of support while delivering it in small enough units to be carried by your nerves and cells.

To apply, simply take 1-2 drops of essential oil and mix well with a small amount of carrier oil. Then rub gently over the feet bottoms giving your feet and toes a nice massage in the process. This process stimulates the nerve endings so activities can start triggering to carry that oil where you need it most.

roller to feet

Interested in more?

The next time your feeling rundown, use your feet to deliver support to your body! Essential oils are a fantastic natural treatment for a variety of illnesses, immune support, sleep and more!

If you have questions or need help finding the oils right for your needs, please reach out.

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