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Immune Support

As the seasons change we are more susceptible to illness as a result of germs and viruses that cannot survive in the hotter months of the year. We are also more prone to illness this time of year because we are around more people with back-to-school and enclosed spaces that we gather in.

Compounding the Problem

When you use products that contain alcohol or are chemically made to protect yourself from germs you can actually have the opposite effect. That is because things like alcohol hand sanitizer not only dries your skin but weakens your immunity against the very thing you are using it for!

Our bodies cannot process chemicals. Therefore when we are continually exposed to them we weaken our bodies natural fighting anti-bodies like our immune system.

Natural Support

doTERRA has a complete set of the products you need to stay health this season. These natural supplements and oils are specific to immunity and digestive support so your body can be strong in fending off illnesses.

All of these products can be purchased as 1 kit together and you can realize some nice savings by getting it.

immune support kit

Each product has special immune support capabilities to protect you.

We recently provided you with a free self-paced course walking through how each of these products, how they work and how to use them. Here is a summary of that information.

day 1 immunity tuneup