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In the Mood to Clean

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Do you find it helps to be in a certain mood when you need to clean the house? I sure do. For me, I need to have a clear schedule for the day, have the family out doing something and find my favorite old songs on Pandora. I start in the room with the music and go from there. There are times it feels good to scrub, declutter, dust, vacuum and get things looking shiny.

It’s not often I get in this “mood” where I’m highly motivated to clean like that though. It’s not as though my house wouldn’t benefit from more of that but by the time a pretty Saturday comes around it’s a tough toss up between cleaning the house and doing something actually fun. Sometimes though it simply has to be done and the sooner that happens the more time you do have left for fun things over a weekend.

Here’s some the ways I support that feeling when I’m in the mood and the times when I’m just needing to shove through it.

Energy and Focus

Diffusing Eucalyptus with Patchouli and Arborvitae helps promote energy, focus and movement. These oils together help us generate that power we need to focus on the task at hand and not run out of steam mid-way

All Day Cleaning

For the times when you are going to spend the day cleaning you can seriously become critical of what’s in your house and what you own. It can seem like an overwhelming process tearing up a closet or finding what’s under your sofa cushions. These oils help you trust the process and focus on gratitude for our home and belongings.

Marjoram is an oil to help you trust the process you’ve set out on to get the cleaning project done. Ylang Ylang helps support gratitude and joy for where you are and what you have.

Moving Furniture

Douglas Fir essential oil supports big picture thinking. This can help when you are reorganizing a room or updating accessories as part of your cleaning. It also helps keep in mind why you are cleaning and how good that room is going to look when you are done.

Interested in more?

Cleaning is unavoidable sooner or later but being in the right mindset can help that process go much more smoothly. Try out these essential oils the next time you tackle a room to clean and see for yourself.

If you have questions about the oils mentioned in this post please reach out. I’m happy to help and there’s never any obligation to purchase.

With a doTERRA account you can select these oils and many others perfect for supporting your cleaning mindset, cleaners and more with savings of at least 25% off. Learn more by emailing me or checking out our website:

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