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Its in the Mail

I noticed our young son gets a lot of mail. Cards from grandmas and aunts, invitations to birthday parties and of course his magazines – Lego, Hi-Lights and the local zoo publication.

When he’s home, he loves to run out when he hears the mail truck coming to get the mail personally from the mail person. He even told her one time, “Mommy doesn’t want any more bills. Can you keep those?”

I had told him all I get are bills in the mail and he gets all the fun stuff. Being the literal little boy he is, he thought about that for a minute. Then he said, “But mom, you get the doTERRA boxes too.”

Well, he’s right.

There is a regular purple bordered box that arrives on our porch with my latest order nicely packed inside. It’s a treat to open that box! This month my delivery had more free items in it than what I paid money on. Now that was a real treat!

When I look back at all the doTERRA boxes I’ve received there are some common things that occur in each delivery:

  1. Everything is securely packed. I’ve never received a broken bottle of oil. Each oil is carefully wrapped in one-sided sticky bubble wrap that protects them during shipping

  2. All seals on the oil bottles are in tact and secure

  3. ALL – every single order – has been 100% accurate and complete to what I ordered – every month!

  4. My shipments are FAST! I always choose the 3-5 days option and typically my order is at my door 2-3 days after I place it. There’s only been one time it took the full 5 days to get here and that was during year-end with the holidays also clogging up the mail

  5. The doTERRA boxes can actually be turned inside out and reused as either a gift box or shipping box. I personally love that as we do a lot of shipping in our home

  6. There’s a nice little card enclosed with the specials or information of upcoming events and promotions

Given this, I think the arrival of doTERRA to our door may balance out the arrival of bills.  Well ok, that may be a stretch … but I will definitely say it’s as much fun as what our son receives in the mail. I think I get as excited as he does when I hear the truck coming knowing there is a doTERRA purple box that will be here!

Interested in more?

Do you want to be glad to see your mail person arrive every day?

It’s time to let doTERRA come to you. The beneficial goodness of essential oils and natural products will truly change your life and have you smiling at your mailbox too.

Shipping with doTERRA is always free with their reimbursement of those costs applied to your account as points you can use for free products.

If you’d like more information or have questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the oils that are perfect for you.

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