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Jane The New Wellness Advocate

This post is a continuation of the post that appeared October 8, 2018.

Jane started using essential oils 8 months ago. She loves them and really loves the vitamins and supplements.  She has told all her co-workers and friends about these oils she’s using. She has even given a couple of them a few drops to try themselves. It really has changed how Jane views things like the products she cleans her home with or vitamins she was taking before.

Ongoing Support

Jane and the Wellness Advocate who helped Jane get started continue to touch base as Jane has questions. The relationship is very pleasant and continues to be non-pushy to up-sell Jane. The Wellness Advocate understands Jane is on a tight budget each month and helps her understand how to use her points on her monthly orders to get more expensive oils or products to help her stay in her budget.

Jane loves that she has complete control over her monthly orders and can pick and choose what she wants and how much she spends.

Jane continues to learn about natural health and how essential oils are a big part of that.

The Big Question

In one of her conversations with the Wellness Advocate, Jane has asked if there really is money in selling these oils and how hard it is. She also said she is happy that this has never been a push for Jane to sell oils.

The Wellness Advocate tells Jane that selling oils is always optional. Yes she would love to have Jane join her but that decision is completely her own. She tells her that if any of her friends want to purchase oils that she can set it up so Jane can receive the commission on those sales if she chooses but it is up to her.

She describes how it works so Jane can decide for herself.

Account Upgrade

First, they would need to upgrade Jane’s Wholesale Customer account to that of a Wellness Advocate. She would continue to have the exact same benefits she enjoys now with no change. The difference is she would get a website to direct her customers to and a back office to track sales and see her customers. All it takes to upgrade her account is entering her social security number into the system and reviewing the Wellness Advocate agreement.

This can be done at any time Jane is interested. They can also turn it back into a Wholesale Customer account if Jane decides this isn’t for her.


Sharing and Teaching vs. Selling

Jane can choose how she wants to run her business. There is lots of training and support available and her Wellness Advocate will always be there to help her.

The easiest way to be successful is simply to do what Jane has already started to do naturally – share and talk about her oils! Let those around her know she uses these oils and products and share a few drops with them is a great way to connect with people and start the conversation about them.


If Jane has a group of people interested she and her Wellness Advocate can setup a class similar to the one Jane attended. The point of the class is to educate and share information in a group format. The experience Jane had with noticing there wasn’t that pushy sales approach or to sign up and sell desperation is important every time Jane talks to someone individually or in a group.

When someone wants to get their Wholesale Membership, Jane will work with them to sign up through the website and then set time with them to show them how to use their new oils and products, go through a wellness overview with them and show them the loyalty reward program details. Jane is familiar with that process from her own experience and mentions how that was so helpful when she first received her oils.


For every person who becomes a Wholesale Customer with Jane, she will receive 20% commission off everything they purchase within the first 60 days of their membership.

The Wellness Advocate shows Jane that when Jane got her membership with the Home Essentials Kit, the commission on that was $55.  The following month when Jane placed her first loyalty reward order for $101, the commission on that was $20.20.

After the first 60 days, Jane will then receive anywhere between 2% to 7% on all purchases her customers make depending on where they are placed.  Placements are where you put a customer in your organization. With doTERRA the deeper you put them the higher the percentage of commission you can earn. You can do this without giving up the 20% 60 day commission too!  Placements is a larger topic they can go into more details about later as Jane starts to enroll customers.

To receive commissions, Jane would need to continue being an active customer each month herself. That should be no problem for Jane as she really loves her vitamins and oils.

Yes the money is very real with doTERRA. Jane can make it as big as she wishes. doTERRA’s retention rate of customers and advocates is 75%! Even those who decide the business part of it isn’t for them, are very likely to retain their membership status with doTERRA. Normally, with MLM companies the retention rate is more like 10-15%.  It’s a special company and product that people stay with long term.

Bottom line is no matter where you add a new customer, you will earn commission on that activity and their purchases.

commission structure


Jane thinks it all over and decides to upgrade her account to a Wellness Advocate. She realizes that even enrolling a couple people she can greatly reduce her monthly out of pocket for her own oils and vitamins.

Jane is excited to start going through the training and support information to get started!

Interested in more?

There is never any push to sell oils with doTERRA. You always have the choice to do what is right for you.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions about the Wellness Advocate business through doTERRA, please let me know.

Become a member today and start enjoying 25% off your purchases.

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