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July 17 – Buy 1 – Get 1 Deal

Today’s Special

bogo day 2 july 17

Oil Information

These 3 oils are fantastic in a diffuser together! It is a true summer feeling!

Check out the other cool things about these oils:

lime-oil (1)

Existing Customers

If you are on the Loyalty Reward Program you can earn points with this order.

This deal gives you a savings of at least $28 plus your points earned!

To do this on LRP:

  1. Open your existing LRP template order and delete all existing items in there except 1

  2. Add up to 5  Spearmint oils to your LRP

  3. Delete out the 1 item you did not delete in step 1

  4. The Tangerine and Lime oils will appear on the LRP at the bottom of the order. It will be 1 per Spearmint in your cart.

  5. Process your order today. This deal is only good through today

  6. Once the order is completed, go back into your LRP template and remove the          oils and add back in what you had setup for August’s LRP order.

If you order 2 Spearmint oils you will have 58 PV which will qualify this as a LRP order on which you can earn points and of course your shipping points. If you pick only 1        you will get your shipping points only. Either way you are getting some points on this order.

If you are not on LRP we can set that up for you today so you can earn these credits. It is the best way to maximize the savings on today’s BOGO.

Not a Customer Yet

This is a fantastic deal for all today. If you join with a wholesale membership today we get you these great products with the BOGO savings and 25% off retail.

With your qualifying enrollment order of the Home Essentials Kit you can also get a Free bottle of Copaiba and a Free Wild Orange.

home ess kit

That’s very significant savings for 1 day totaling $149.25!

Interested in more?

If you have questions or need help please reach out.

To get your wholesale membership access, click the “Become a Member” link on our website.

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