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July 19 – Buy 1-Get 1 Deal

 Today’s Special

The first words I said when I saw this deal was “Holy Cow!”

This is the motherload of sweet buy 1-get 1 deals.

bogo day 4 july 19

Oil Information

Frankincense is an incredible oil that is so powerful, useful and beneficial to our health. This pre-diluted roller ball touch bottle is perfect for application to the bottom of your feet, along the spine, to the breasts, back of the neck, forehead and anywhere you need healing, strength and health. It is also an ideal oil to use for wrinkle management! This is the oil that is currently included in the research being done by Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins to help with cancer treatments! Obviously the oil could be described in a very long book but bottom line YOU NEED IT!

wa-frankincense (1)

Jasmine is my favorite of all the oils. I love the aroma and it’s just something that makes me happy. This beautiful roller ball touch bottle is so helpful for depression, anxiety, exhaustion, feeling burdened, ovulation & fertility and more! Again another powerhouse oil that bottom line YOU NEED IT TOO!


Existing Customers

If you are on the Loyalty Reward Program you can earn points with this order.

This deal gives you a savings of at least $42 plus your points earned!

To do this on LRP:

  1. Open your existing LRP template order and delete all existing items in there except 1

  2. Add up to 5 Frankincense Touch oils to your LRP

  3. Delete out the 1 item you did not delete in step 1

  4. The Jasmine Touch oil will appear on the LRP at the bottom of the order. It will be 1 per Frankincense Touch in your cart.

  5. Process your order today. This deal is only good through today

  6. Once the order is completed, go back into your LRP template and remove the          oils and add back in what you had setup for August’s LRP order.

This is a fun BOGO because just purchasing 1 Frankincense Touch gets you almost to  50PV for the LRP points on this order. You can purchase a 2nd Frankincense Touch or what I would do instead is add in a OnGuard Toothpaste for $8.50 wholesale (5PV) to reach the 50PV. It’s a great opportunity to try it if you haven’t already or stock up on this stable.

If you are not on LRP we can set that up for you today so you can earn these credits. It is the best way to maximize the savings on today’s BOGO.

Not a Customer Yet

This is a fantastic deal for all today. If you join with a wholesale membership today we get you these great products with the BOGO savings and 25% off retail.

With your qualifying enrollment order of the Home Essentials Kit you can also get a Free bottle of Copaiba and a Free Wild Orange.

That’s very significant savings for 1 day totaling $208.25!!

For a new customer, that’s an incredible amount of savings that is like getting your entire Home Essentials Kit for free. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to get started with essential oils I would say today is the day.

Interested in more?

If you have questions or need help please reach out.

To get your wholesale membership access, click the “Become a Member” link on our website.

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