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Can you hear it?

The sounds of summer! 

Beach waves, sizzling grills, splash and giggles.

Are you ready for it?

Are you feeling physically and emotionally good to enjoy all that this wonderful part of the year gives us?


Then it is time to consider introducing nature to your life.

I’m not just talking about taking a walk on a sandy beach looking for seashells.

I’m talking about bringing nature into your life and home on a much, much more personal scale.

Introduce your body to the support, nutrients and vitamins it needs.

Give your soul the uplifting peace it is seeking.


This month, as we focus on the fun of summer in full swing, we also have a very long list of specials and events aligned to support a healthy and fun summer for all of us!

On Sale in July

In July we have 10% off of the luxurious all natural exfoliating body scrub. This is perfect after a day at the beach to revitalize your skin and experience glowing softness. The ingredients are all things you can pronounce because they are all natural! Check it out!

body scrub

July Specials

We have some great specials in July!

  1. FREE 15ml Wild Orange for new members placing a $100 order this month. Wild Orange has incredible benefits and multiple uses for your health and home. It is a definite must for new users.  It is amazing how much you will use this oil!  Even basic things like adding a drop to your drinking water is amazing!


  1. FREE 15ml Wild Orange AND FREE 15ml Copaiba – together these are incredible oils to support your nervous system when you are anxious, depressed or have adrenal depletion. Copaiba oil is soothing, supportive and incredibly good for your body.  These are 2 of the most popular oils used due to the versatility and effectiveness.


  1. The Essential Life reference book is THE book to have in your hands. Even the most experienced user refers to this book for tips, information and resources. In the front of this book is a large listing of conditions and symptoms along with recommended oils for each. Then the book beautifull