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Leading Our Children to a Toxin Free Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The Dragonspit Apothecary blog is pleased to welcome our guest writer Lena Brown to today’s post. Lena offers a wonderful perspective and example for teaching and supporting our children’s journey to natural health and living.  Please be sure to check out her bio at the end of the post.

Miracle of Life

The miracle of the beginning of human life is still a miracle for me. Despite all the computer graphics that show us in details how life begins at conception, it is hard for me to imagine how all those tiny cells work together synergizing to create an organism. That organism will develop and grow. What fascinates me the most is that the developing, growth and health of this organism depends on the environment it is in. And here is where I personally start to worry.

The modern environment is one of the worst for a little human to develop. Beginning with air we breathe and ending with cell phone towers being  built on school yards – our future generation is in danger. How we, parents, can make sure we do everything that is in our circle of control to lead our children to a toxin free life.

What is an Environmental Toxin?

In this post I would like to bring attention to Environmental Toxins. According to Wikipedia – The term “environmental toxin” can sometimes explicitly include synthetic contaminants such as industrial pollutants and other artificially made toxic substances. Those are air pollution, chemicals found in pesticides, chemicals found in plastic, shampoos, tooth paste, candles, and other synthetic substances. Huge impact on health have wifi and cell towers. Even though American Cancer Society and World Health Organization publish that RF/EMF (radiofrequency / electromagnetic fields) have no effect on children, there are tons of research that proves opposite. Here is a very interesting article about that.

Children are very vulnerable to all those toxins and radio frequencies. Cancers, asthmas, eczemas, headaches, tiredness, anxiety and many other issues that were not issues long time ago are caused due to mentioned above triggers.

Having three children – two boys and a girl( ages 4, 6 and 10 years old. I very often ask myself how will all those toxins affect their health, reproductivity, and life longevity? What can I do? How can I make a difference and ensure my children are aware and making right choices.

Proactive Protections

We adults are fully responsible for leading our children to a toxin free life and here are few things we can do:

  1. Inspect your kitchen and look at how many plastic you use. Starting with plastic feeding bottles and ending with plastic lunch boxes – all are toxic. BPA free does NOT mean toxins free. Unfortunately. Instead of BPA industry uses BPS – same as BPA but is not required to be mentioned on bottle tags. Using metal lunch boxes, glass cups and feeding bottle will make such a tremendous difference. Talk to your kids and inform that plastic is bad for health. Put it in their consciousness from early years.

  2. Limit as much as possible time inside the house where they live in a wi-fi cloud. Turn your router before bedtime if possible. Be cautious about cell phone tower. They ar