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Life Lessons & Oils from Mamma Mia!

I love the witty silly Momma Mia! movies. Both are fun, high energy and packed with lots of stars and funny  moments.  There are not too many movies you watch that have you singing the whole way through and dancing down the stairs to exit afterwards.

Among the sorted love triangles and dance moves however are some good life lessons  underlying both movies that really hone in on the big questions in life and love. These moments are both blissful and painful at times and help us grow. There are essential oils that can help us through these times and improve our worldview so we too can be experiencing all that life brings us.

Having The Time of Your Life

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again!

Donna didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up or what her life was going to be all about. Not many of us do have everything nicely figured out that way and even the best laid plans have a way of being messed up by the events of life.

The beauty of Donna’s character is her unfailing willingness to be open to what life brings her without letting go of being true to herself. That takes courage, strong independence and a strength not many of realize we have.

While we only see the highlights in the movie, let’s be real, living in a rundown farmhouse with a new baby by yourself probably wasn’t all the time fun or easy. The important lessons though –  Donna didn’t give up and even went on to inspire her daughter to also live courageously and boldly.

For these moments when we are not so strong or needing to replenish our inner strength and courage the oils I recommend include:

  1. Determination: Helichrysum, Lime, Holiday Joy, Cheer

  2. Independence: Clove, OnGuard

  3. Stubborn: Wintergreen, Oregano

3 Great Loves


The Bill, Harry and Sam are the men in Donna’s life. She never marries any of them but remains fondly connected to each of them throughout her life.  She gets to experience a different type of connection with each initially and later in life when her daughter secretly invites them to her wedding. Her daughter also gets the best of the 3 of them as father figures and role models in her life.

The other 3 great loves in Donna’s life are her daughter and 2 best friends, Tanya and Rosie. Through thick and thin these 3 are her cornerstones for getting through the tough times and knowing  she is connected to others.

We need other people in our life, even when we think we don’t. Our connection to others is so important for our health and emotional well-being.  We don’t need a large group, it can be just a couple of people but it’s important to realize we were not made to be alone.

When we feel disconnected, lonely or like  no one cares that’s the most sign it’s time to reach out to others. We are all worthy of love even when we find ourselves unlovable.

Essential oils for challenging the feelings of love, grounding, center, and strength from others:

  1. Loved: Frankincense, Rose, Breathe, Myrrh, Bergamot, Marjoram, Manuka

  2. Connected: Patchouli, Balance, Jasmine

  3. Trust: Geranium, Marjoram, Myrrh, Rosemary, Jasmine, Cypress, Breathe, Manuka

Good Times Always Come


Even when there are storms in life and weather, good times do always come back to us eventually. Things don’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. Sometimes the stress we self impose to achieve perfection takes away from the simple beauty of what we were seeking.

When Donna’s daughter is re-opening the hotel in her mother’s honor, a storm comes through and rips apart the decorations and prevents high dollar party goers from arriving. Instead the arrival of her 2 fathers and several local friends resets the party and makes Sophie realize what truly is important is just that.

When we are in a life storm or things are not going as we planned, it can be because we have a different expectation of our self that is becoming a block to what could be even better for us to experience and enjoy.

Oils to support these times include:

  1. Survival: Birch, Cedarwood, Copaiba, Roman Chamomile

  2. Abundance: Wild Orange, Spikenard, Tangerine, Litsea

  3. Grateful: Spinkenard, Wild Orange, Helichrysum, Past Tense, Douglas Fir

Interested in More?

Break out the ABBA and let’s get our tambourines out! Enjoy life and all that it blesses us with by enhancing your experiences with essential oils.

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