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Limited Edition Natural Holiday Items

Each year doTERRA has very limited edition oils and gift sets specifically for the holidays. This special set of products are unique and can be used as gifts to others or as a special treat for yourself.

This year, the holiday items offered by doTERRA are seriously over the top. There are so many cute gift sets and new oils. While I was at the doTERRA Dream Global Convention in September I was able to experience these products and oils firsthand and have been waiting patiently to be able to purchase them ever since.

These are my top 5 favorites from the holiday products and why I think they should be your favorite tool.

Brevi Multi Functional Diffuser

I love the doTERRA diffusers. They work well and last a lot longer than any other diffuser I’ve ever purchased. This new Brevi diffuser is compact but powerful. It looks like a portable speaker but instead of pretty music it pumps out wonderful high quality doTERRA essential oils!

This diffuser comes with a 15ml bottle of the new oil blend Harvest Spice. This oil blend is only available during the holidays.

UPDATE: The diffuser is sold out but you can purchase the Harvest Spice oil for $24.50 (wholesale only).

Holiday brevi diffuser and joy oil

Baby Elephant Diffuser

CUTENESS ALERT – This was adorable and sweet and perfect for little ones to enjoy soothing oils, light and music to drift them off to sweet slumber.

Last year, doTERRA had a blue whale diffuser in this same shape and size as this one in the holiday products. I picked one up for our son and he loves it!

These wonderful little diffusers are setup so if a child tips it over it will shut off. Each has an auto shutoff as well for easy timer settings. The diffuser also plays tunes and has a LED light feature with a starry night scene.

Holiday Elephant diffuser

Beautiful Blend & Handmade Jewelry

This little gift set is on the top of my list because it also comes with a way to help others! Not only is this handcrafted but the story of the women who made it will seriously fill your heart. Check out the video here:

The oil blend Beautiful is a limited oil that was first available earlier this year and then disappeared. Due to demand it is back for the holidays! It is a wonderful soft aroma that can be worn as a natural perfume.

Update: The bracelet is sold out at this time but you can purchase the Beautiful roller ball oil for $25 (wholesale only) 

This gift set comes with a handmade diffusing bracelet and a handmade pouch made by women in Uganda. The proceeds from the sale of this item will go to help Ugandan women in their pursuit of job opportunities.

Holiday Beautiful roller and pouch with bracelett

If you miss out on this gift set then another option would be to get the individual roller ball oil and this incredible Hydrating Body Mist that has the Beautiful oil blend in it. Hands down this is a luxurious body mist that will soften your skin and give you the beautiful confidence we all need. This mist is now part of our regular product line up that is available year round to your gift recipient can get refills as needed!

Radiant Dream

These two oil blends are seriously my new favorites.

The Dream oil blend was created in honor of the 10th anniversary of doTERRA and their 2018 Dream Global Convention. It is beautiful, soft and very pleasant to wear. It literally contains every oil from the Emotional Aromatherapy Collection so it’s perfect to fit any mood and need during the holidays.

The Radiant blend is new for this holiday season. It is also very lovely with a deeper aroma that is spicy, earthy and rich.

Both oils come with an incredibly luxurious oil bag that holds several oils for on the go use and support.


Interested in more?

If you have questions or need help please email me 

Please note these items are limited and often sell out quickly. The best way to save money on these items is with a wholesale membership. Membership means you save at least 25% off all your purchases for an entire year and can earn points back to use for free items.

Become a member today at 

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