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Litsea: The Oil of Manifestation

This month, doTERRA challenges us to be explorers!


New and experienced oil users can be on the same journey as we explore the wonderful properties of two oils doTERRA has rolled out for only this month in the US – Litsea and Manuka. This is a special that will only be available through August so we much explore and capture the opportunity to have these oils in our homes quickly!

I personally love this  experience because it increases my knowledge about oils and helps me find ways to introduce oils to other areas of my life. The exercise of looking at new oils also encourages me and reminds me of what it was like when I didn’t use oils at all so that I may help others who are at that curious point themselves.

The Oil of Manifestation

This is the nickname for the oil Litsea. It refers to the oils properties to help us increase creativity, imagination and be inspired.

Litsea The Plant

Litsea oil is dervied from a shrubbery bush that is in the Laurel family. It grows in warmer subtropical climates. The flowers of the plant range from green to white to yellow depending on the soil and current climate.

doTERRA sources Litsea from East Asia, Taiwan.

The Litsea oil is considered part of the large citrus family.

The small bulb fruits of the plant are harvested and steam distilled to draw out the oil. The size of these bulbs are similar to corriander but the aroma is very tart and lemony.


Medicinal Uses

Litsea is a considered an old oil of Asian medicines. It has been used for hundreds of years medicinally to treat

  1. Virus and bacterial infections

  2. Skin needs from ecezma and psorisis

  3. Fungal issues

  4. High blood pressure and circulatory issues

  5. Gout

  6. Herpes

  7. Coughs

  8. Cramps and Spasms

  9. Acne

Behavioral Health and Emotional Uses

This oil is also used in treating behavioral and emotional needs associated with depression, anxiety, and what we know call PTSD.

Litsea is helpful in these conditions because it helps us let go of the need to criticize ourselves, see ourselves in a negative way and feel discarded. Litsea helps us open ourselves to be more confident and assured we are worthy, lovable and able to accept who we are.

The beauty of Litsea in this area is its ability to help us clear the clouds of our mind and recognize we have a larger purpose in life and we can step out of our own way to accomplish that.

Litsea helps with these negative emotions:

  1. Self-doubt

  2. Harsh, negative criticism

  3. Rejection

  4. Stress

  5. Over-thinking

  6. Anxiety, rushed thoughts and panic

  7. Feeling blocked, limited

  8. Distraction

Instead, of these feelings that make us feel powerless, Litsea helps us encourage the feelings of:

  1. Being creative, inspired

  2. Receptive

  3. Trusting of ourselves

  4. Calm

  5. Open to possibilities

  6. Acceptance of ourselves


Litsea is a citrus oil so it is recommended that it be diluted with a lotion or fractionated coconut oil prior to skin application. This goes for both physical or behavioral health needs.

Litsea is currently found in many natural skincare products, including doTERRA’s HD Clear products.

When using this oil for behavioral or emotional needs through topical application, it is best placed on the bottom of the feet, on the forehead, temples, behind the ears and on the base of the neck.

Blending and Diffusing

When using this oil in a diffuser to help with behavioral health needs it works very well with these oils:

  1. Lavender

  2. Sandalewood

  3. Frankincense

  4. Blue Tansy

  5. Clary Sage

  6. Melissa

  7. Cedarwood

  8. Lemongrass

As you can see from this list of oils, Litsea is a natural at the calming, soothing and relaxing feelings we are trying to achieve when we are overrun with anxiety and feeling trapped in our own minds with negative thoughts controlling us.

Interested in More?

I encourage anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD to try Litsea. Even if you only diffuse it by itself the oil is very calming and soothing to help you through these needs.

Please reach out with any questions.

You can get this oil in the US for free through August 31 with your wholesale membership! This membership means you also get 25% off all your purchases for an entire year to economically purchase the other oils that pair well with Litsea.

Contact me today for help getting your free Litsea oil!

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