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Litsea: The Oil of Manifestation

This month, doTERRA challenges us to be explorers!


New and experienced oil users can be on the same journey as we explore the wonderful properties of two oils doTERRA has rolled out for only this month in the US – Litsea and Manuka. This is a special that will only be available through August so we much explore and capture the opportunity to have these oils in our homes quickly!

I personally love this  experience because it increases my knowledge about oils and helps me find ways to introduce oils to other areas of my life. The exercise of looking at new oils also encourages me and reminds me of what it was like when I didn’t use oils at all so that I may help others who are at that curious point themselves.

The Oil of Manifestation

This is the nickname for the oil Litsea. It refers to the oils properties to help us increase creativity, imagination and be inspired.

Litsea The Plant

Litsea oil is dervied from a shrubbery bush that is in the Laurel family. It grows in warmer subtropical climates. The flowers of the plant range from green to white to yellow depending on the soil and current climate.

doTERRA sources Litsea from East Asia, Taiwan.

The Litsea oil is considered part of the large citrus family.

The small bulb fruits of the plant are harvested and steam distilled to draw out the oil. The size of these bulbs are similar to corriander but the aroma is very tart and lemony.