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Living Clutter Free

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

This is my dream. To live in a clutter free space. When that happens I feel so light, creative and content. It’s easy to find things. I can open a cabinet and not be attacked by things inside. I can even put something in a closet or cabinet without pushing my weight against the door to get it to close again. I love clear counters and tables. The simplicity of a simple mantle or shelf without it being packed with cute accessories, knick knacks, or family photos and treasures is divine. Oh yes, it feels good not to have clutter. It is my dream.

I am constantly fighting back clutter around the house in the quest to have just what we need and have it all fit in an appropriate spot. That is a challenge because seriously you never know when you may need that odd ball item and the minute you pitch it you’re going to need it or it will have be important to someone in the family.

Approaching How to De-Clutter

It feels good to start going through a closet and see a growing pile of things to give away or pitch in the trash. The act of cleaning, reorganizing, sorting and redoing a space has a couple different methods to achieve that final de-cluttered look and feel.

Approach 1 is to take everything out of the space and only add back in what you want or need and put it in the “right spot.” I find this works really well for things like the plastic container cabinet, other kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and linen closet. My personal opinion is this approach works well when it’s a very small space and you need to see the bare bones of the space and start from scratch. Sometimes that’s needed for a large room too but it can seem overwhelming to be that extreme.