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Magic Potion for Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The thought that there could be a pill or potion that simply by taking it every day would help us magically lose weight is similar to believing in the Fountain of Youth, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.

It is entirely possible these things do indeed exist.

As parents we try to preserve for as long as we can the belief in our children that special people like Santa, do exist. However, if I’m being honest do I have proof these people do or do not exist either way? I have over time come to learn and believe what every other person eventually learns or grows to believe about the things we must believe or trust in but cannot physically see.

Miracles however, have been witnessed, documented and are known to happen so I do not want to be the person who never says never when it comes to free money the Tooth Fairy brings or a youthful figure and face from a magical fountain of water.

Why risk that?

So Who is to Say There is Not a Magic Weight Loss Pill?

Since I started using essential oils and natural products for my health a little over 2 years, I have noticed changes. For one, I feel “better.” My skin isn’t broken out all the time, which well into my 40s is simply not something I want to deal with anymore. I have energy throughout my day rather than feeling sluggish and my attention level has improved.

I also notice that I’m not taking over the counter medicines anymore, like aspirin, pain relievers and things like antacids and sleep aids. What’s even stranger is I know I have not taken any cold, cough or flu medications in over a year. I used to find that I would take these types of things about once a week for a headache or something else I felt going on in my body but I haven’t used them in a long time. In fact, as I was writing this post I checked what we even had in our bathroom cabinet these days. It was good to see most of the products were expired and I simply tossed them!

This isn’t to say I don’t have days where I don’t feel my best or that I never get sick but those times are rarer than they were before. Overall I can personally say that I do see a difference in how I feel since changing to doTERRA essential oils in my life. When I do feel off or a little ill, I’m not feeling that way for long and it’s not significant to result in me needing to take what I used to for those kinds of feelings. For me, that’s pretty miraculous.

I’ve heard others also describe changes they’ve seen in their lives since switching even just a couple of their regular products to essential oils. Like everything you hear, you have to be your own judge but since I was also seeing these things I have no doubt they were too. From my own experience and what I’ve heard and seen from others I believe essential oils work quite well in supporting our health.

If you’ve not tried essential oils or have tried other brands and have not seen results or changes you may be thinking I’m just making these experiences up to sell you on doTERRA. I promise I am not. There have been changes in my life and others I’ve talked to who use doTERRA. I truly believe the difference is in the quality and purity of the oils as well as and equally important using them consistently.

Weight Loss Magic

Now knowing and believing doTERRA essential oils work in my life. Seeing those results personally as well as having several people say they are working in their lives too; it was curious to me when I started hearing about a combination of doTERRA oils taken in a capsule that was resulting in weight loss. Not just a couple pounds of water weight either but rather some pretty significant weight loss that catches your attention.

This is the video that caught my attention and in fact a couple new customers reached out to me after they saw it to get a doTERRA account so they could get the oils to try this too.

Could this in fact be the mysterious magic weight loss pill?

As in all things I’ve brought to you via this blog on the topic of natural health and living with essential oils I had to try this oil mixture myself in order to give you honest feedback on if this was truly something worth doing or not. My many experiments and trials in using essential oils have all been a big part of where the posts for this blog come from so now was not the time to shudder from that responsibility of giving you a real life experience when it comes to weight loss using doTERRA essential oils. So with empty capsules and oils in hand I setup our kitchen table to be a mini-factory to setup these little weight loss capsules.

I already take several doTERRA essential oils and natural products. Here’s my daily rundown:

  1. Life Long Vitality Pack – 2 each in the morning and 2 each in the evening- consists of:

  2. Alpha CRS+

  3. MicroPlex VMz

  4. xEO Mega

  5. doTERRA Women’s Bone Nutrient supplement – 1 in morning

  6. doTERRA Phytoestrogen Essential Complex – 1 in morning

  7. PB Assist + – 1 in morning

  8. DDR Prime Softgel – 1 in evening

  9. Copiaba Softgel – 1 in evening

  10. Serenity Softgel – 2 in evening

I also put a drop of Frankincense under my tongue in the mornings and OnGuard and Balance on my feet.

The Capsule Contents & Frequency

When I made up these capsules as outlined in the video I made them to include:

  1. 2 drops Yarrow/POM

  2. 2 drops Black Pepper

  3. 2 drops Pink Pepper

  4. 2 drops Tumeric

  5. 2 drops Ginger

I took 2 capsules per day, usually in the morning along with 2 capsules of the doTERRA Mito2Max.

I did not start out at the full dose outlined in the video because again I wanted to see how I did on this first before I made up a bunch of capsules with those essential oils. Some of these can be costly so I wanted to be sure this was something I saw a difference with first.

I started this in late October and by Thanksgiving I was down 6 pounds. Now honestly weight changes happen daily and 6 pounds isn’t a bunch but it was 6 pounds less than when I started so after Thanksgiving I increased my dose to the 2 capsules each of the ones I made and Mito2Max in the mornings along with 2 more of each in the afternoons, usually around 2:30-3:00 PM when those sugar crashes start coming on.


As of this post, I’m down several more pounds and continue to slowly lose weight. What I most notice more however isn’t with the scale movement but rather in my energy and focus.

I feel incredibly good!

As in I feel energetic and without brain fog that I was getting throughout the day. I wake up”ready” to start my day with energy. That of course can lead to more energy to move throughout the day and increased focus on what we are eating.

Why These Particular Oils

The doTERRA Yarrow/POM works to balance hormones and that can lead to increased energy because your body is running optimally. For women, our hormones change all the time but Yarrow/POM hones in on these changes and helps regulate and balance so your body can focus on other needs.

The doTERRA product page on Yarrow/POM provides some additional helpful information on why Yarrow and Pomegrante Seed oil are the perfect supporter of our body’s internal and external health needs.

doTERRA Tumeric is a step above the powder or herbal pill form that you can purchase elsewhere. With the quality and purity of this tumeric oil the benefits of tumeric can be easily processed by the body to help with regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol. I love this post’s explanation on actually why it is so drastically different than other forms.

Tumeric works extremely well with Black Pepper. The oil form of Black Pepper is helpful with digestion and circulation. Many use this oil to not only add flavor to dishes but as a way to help work through emotional eating habits we’d like to change.

Pink Pepper is a wonderful oil that targets blood sugar levels, metabolism support needs and obesity. This oil supports the body’s energy to burn calories and eliminate fat from the cells.

I added Ginger to my capsules to support digestive needs for heartburn and acid reflux. This oil helps soothe those acids to prevent flareups.

Mito2Max is a supplement doTERRA created to support energy and stamina.It helps the body create that energy naturally rather than getting it from caffeine.

Together these oils and the Mito2Max supplement can be used to create the optimal feelings you need to successfully start and succeed at eating better, exercising more and losing weight.


When you make your own capsules sometimes the oils will disintegrate the capsule before you use it. A great way around this is to put your finished capsules in a air tight container or bag and keep in the freezer until needed.

Interested in more?

So you can see each of these oils are specifically used to support the exact things we need for initiating weight loss. While I don’t think there is just a single pill that will result in significant transformation alone, I do believe this mixture of oils does help support that work. We can use that energy, hormonal and metabolic balance to then pursue our goals of achieving a healthy weight that includes eating better and working out.

If you have questions about these oils and products, please reach out. I’m happy to help with no obligation to purchase.

An account with doTERRA means you have complete flexibility to access all the natural products and oils to try these magical weight loss capsules at a discounted price. You do not have to sell oils to get these benefits and there is never any pressure to purchase more than you need or want. Get your account today!

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