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Memory Improving Oils

Our ability to remember small and big things changes as we age.  Forgetting why you came into a room,what you were looking for,where your cell phone was last can be normal but also indicative of larger concerns.

Our brain needs regular support to optimize performance on all the things we tackle in a day. Eating well, exercising, taking break and, paying attention to our body’s needs are all influencers to our brain’s health.

There are elements we can apply from nature to further boost brain power that can be found through essential oils.


A direct way to support your brain with essential oils is by applying the oil to your

  1. Forehead

  2. Back of the neck

  3. Behind the ears

  4. Under the nose

  5. Roof of mouth

  6. Foot reflex points for the brain located at the bottom of your big toe

Diffusing oils is also a direct way to support brain function through our olfactory system. This method stimulates the brain to create desired effects such as increased focus, feelings and emotional balance.

Brain Oils

Our brains work continually even when we are resting. Supporting our brains at different points in our day and night improves circulation, enhances cognitive performance and allows for enhanced rest from mental fatigue.

These oils are ideal for supporting your brain:


Promotes optimal brain function, repair, cross-blood brain barrier