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MLM Not Allowed

Anyone remember the old Tesla song titled “Signs”?

The lyrics sure are true if you’re working in network marketing

Part of doing my business online means I am constantly looking for new social media groups to join where I believe my target audience will be. Groups and target audience settings can be a challenge. This is the same challenge a lot of businesses have regardless of their type.

This however becomes even more challenging when you see a rule in some of the groups saying:

 No MLM or direct marketing allowed.

Message Behind the Sign

Wow! That’s unfortunate first off.

Sadly it’s a message in the rules I’m seeing in more and more groups too.

It means most likely a couple things have happened:

  1. The administrator of the group has had a bad experience with MLM or direct marketing in the past

  2. Someone in the group who distributes through a MLM or direct marketing company has been misbehaving by being too pushy, aggressive and doing the “sleazy sales” bit

  3. Someone was presenting the “opportunity” or their product too much or in the wrong way

Bad Rap

If we were able to remove the ugly label and association of network marketing, MLM or direct marketing from the picture would the products sold be of increased interest to these groups?

If it were an entrepreneur who created and crafted these products directly and was selling them on their own would there be increased support?

I’m betting there would be increased interest and support. The reason being is that most of the products sold through the companies under this network marketing umbrella are good quality, long lasting and effective. They are things people generally want and need, are interested in and are convenient to get.

So why is network marketing a dirty word and have such a bad reputation?

The reason is the years of bad approach, pushiness and general bad messaging that has come from the distributors as well as the companies in this industry. It has become too commonplace for people to associate network marketing with bad experiences. This has occurred for so long that its now a stereotype.

To Those Who Think Network Marketing is Bad and to the Social Media Administrators with the DO NOT ENTER SIGN

If you manage a social media group and have as one of your rules no MLM or direct marketing then on behalf of those of us who do that business right, I apologize to you.

Not all who work in this industry are out to sell and force people to build a business. Not all of us are out to take advantage for our own purpose.

Please don’t punish all of us for the few who misuse it.

There is legitimacy and value in the products sold through a network marketing structure. The value just unfortunately has sometimes been overshadowed by the horrible experiences many people have had.

My business is helping people access and use safely natural health products so they will feel better and get healthy. My business is a service where I help you find the products to fit your needs and help you use those products safely. The products I recommend are doTERRA.

Network marketing businesses are similar to going to a sporting good store and purchasing a pair of Nike shoes. That store didn’t make the Nike shoes, they bought them from Nike and are selling them to you. That’s the same with network marketing companies.

In this case you are working with a solo entrepreneur to purchase products and not a mega million dollar chain store.

That’s the difference in real network marketing and the bad experiences people have had.

Interested in more?

If you have been burned and had a bad experience with network marketing in the past, tell me about in the comments or email me directly. The horror stories I’ve heard are incredible.

If you’re interested in exploring natural health products without the pushy sales approach, then reach out to me. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and talk about what may work for you. There is never an obligation to purchase anything. You can ask as many questions as you like, whenever you like. My interest is in supporting you the best way I can to be healthy and live your life to the fullest.

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