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MLM Not Allowed

Anyone remember the old Tesla song titled “Signs”? 

The lyrics sure are true if you’re working in network marketing

Part of doing my business online means I am constantly looking for new social media groups to join where I believe my target audience will be. Groups and target audience settings can be a challenge. This is the same challenge a lot of businesses have regardless of their type.

This however becomes even more challenging when you see a rule in some of the groups saying:

 No MLM or direct marketing allowed.

Message Behind the Sign

Wow! That’s unfortunate first off.

Sadly it’s a message in the rules I’m seeing in more and more groups too.

It means most likely a couple things have happened:

  1. The administrator of the group has had a bad experience with MLM or direct marketing in the past

  2. Someone in the group who distributes through a MLM or direct marketing company has been misbehaving by being too pushy, aggressive and doing the “sleazy sales” bit

  3. Someone was presenting the “opportunity” or their product too much or in the wrong way

Bad Rap

If we were able to remove the ugly label and association of network marketing, ML