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Motorcycle Oils

Throwing my leg over my bike is one of the most pleasurable things I have ever done. From the first time I did it to learn how to ride a bike in an empty church parking lot to now when I ride solo or with my husband, I look forward to going on a ride.  It is thoroughly enjoyable even if it is a short ride.

There is something about being on the bike that helps me relax, clear my mind and realize I am in control and also not in control. It is a perfect balance of life at a single moment in time.  It is both responsible and irresponsible at the same time. I compare it to how some people do yoga, others do meditation, which I also enjoy at times but for me it truly is taking a ride that does the trick in reaching this perfect place of “in this moment.” I like to ride until I can smell the earth, the pine trees, the dirt,the wind.

Since incorporating essential oils into my health and home I have found way to include them into the process I use before I get on my bike. As any rider knows, every time you get on the bike you need to be on top of your game. That means rested, in the right mindset, and ready to concentrate on the necessity of operating that bike on the road. This is the perfect opportunity to apply essential oils to support these needs. There are several essential oils that can benefit a rider.


wa-peppermint (1)

Peppermint is wonderful to support focus and concentration. Applying this oil to the liner of your helmet does a couple things:

  1. Enhances your focus when riding

  2. Makes your hair smell great when you remove your helmet

You can also put peppermint in your boots to keep your feet cooler and smelling fresh.


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Applying Balance to the bottom of your feet helps support our emotions by grounding our emotions to ease anxiety, mood, stress and tiredness from being stressed. Since riding a motorcycle requires 100% focus and attention, it is critical to make sure our minds and emotions are aligned to support that work.



When gas or oil get on your jeans from the bike it can be near impossible to remove these stains. Applying lemongrass essential oil to these stains  can loosen and remove them from your clothing. Lemongrass is a natural stain remover and degreaser.

Deep Blue


After a ride your muscles are pleasantly sore. Sometimes even your hands will hurt from gripping the handles and manuvering the bike. Applying Deep Blue Rub before and after a ride can support your muscles and joints.



The need to sneeze while riding a motorcycle is an interesting challenge. Don’t let allergies ruin your ride. Lavender is a natural antihistamine that can be taken internally to relieve allergy symptoms.

Lavender can also be used for bug bites and stings while riding. I was once stung by a bee on the inside of my thigh while riding. I couldn’t get pulled over fast enough to pull down my pants and remove that stinger. It was comical and painful at the same time.

Sunburns and windburn can also be relieved with lavender and fractionated coconut oil. It is sometimes tricky to apply sunscreen to your face because of the likelihood that when you start sweating it run into your eyes.

doTERRA also has a product called TriEase that consists of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. This blend taken internally can help relieve seasonal threats associated with runny nose, sneezing and runny eyes.



One of the fun parts of riding is finding out of the way small places to grab a bite to eat. Nothing beats a nice cold drink and something with grease.

Support your digestive system during these times by applying DigestZen to your stomach before a ride to manage any indigestion.  You can also apply a drop under your tongue after eating to relive stomach pains.

Air Conditioning in a Bottle

Another favorite of mine to have on the bike is called Air Conditioning in a Bottle. This little blend of oils is ideal when you are out riding and get hot and tired. It is a refreshing mist that naturally helps your body cool down and feel refreshed after being on the bike a while. I love it when I’m out riding on a hot summer day.

Here is the video I made demonstrating how to make this simple yet very highly recommended effective blend to keep with you.

Click the “Watch on Facebook” to see it.

Interested in more?

Incorporating natural solutions to your ride will enhance and support you before, during and after your ride. Consider essential oils part of your standard riding gear and preparation steps you take before throwing your leg over the bike.

If you ride, ride safe and be prepared.

If you would like to incorporate essential oils to your ride or have questions, please reach out. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right oils for your needs.

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