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My Love-Hate Relationship with Exercise

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This month, I’ve been alongside you all the way in working out this self-love thing. It’s something I need in my own life and honestly it just seemed a lot more meaningful to me than a New Year’s Resolution that I know I would never keep.

It seems though whenever January rolls around it has this vibe that makes everyone want to instantly love spin class and working out, even if that isn’t your thing. It is what you are “supposed” to do.   Somehow the idea exists that we can’t possibly love ourselves if we’re not pumping iron and fitting in a workout in the coldest, darkest and dreariest month of the year. Sounds encouraging and motivating right?


In a post I did back in late November I proposed the crazy idea that we can actually start making change at any time that is right for us. We don’t have to wait until January to do something good for ourselves and that by introducing a small change that fits who we are and what we need our likelihood of success actually increases.  So, what if instead of trying to fit in an impossible workout class you don’t actually like, you made your goal be something you enjoyed? Who says exercise has to be intense, hard, unsatisfying and something we dread? Read the full post here:

Seriously, don’t you already have enough things in your day that are “have to” instead of “want to”?

Taking this a step further now that we’ve delved into this topic of self-love I’m even more convinced that physical activity needs to be something that fulfills us and make us happy to stay motivated about doing it regularly.

The Rebel Inside Me

I think self-love does include an element of physical body movement that we could classify under the big E word (exercise). However, we, or maybe it’s just me, have a bad habit of turning what should be a form of enjoyment and pleasure that is good for us into another obligation, chore or something that I end up dreading, resisting and making excuses not to do.


Now, granted I know and admit I need to get away from my desk and actually put in some time being physically active, doing something. I can’t tell you all the ways to love yourself more and here I am not doing it too with you.

So, it’s super important for me to find success with physical health that I get creative to tie together my interests with an activity classified as exercise.

Getting Started

I like using Motivate to help focus my intention and energy towards a task I need to do. This oil also seems to help when I need support on something new that I’m not necessary excited about starting too. Applying this oil to the back of my neck and elbow creases is the trick.


Keep Going

There are times to push through and “buck up” but then there are times that pushing too hard ends up not doing you any good. This is where we begin to find we don’t like going to the gym, the workouts are mindless and we’re not putting into it what we need.

Instead of just finding a way out of it this year, I’m going to apply some of the self-love techniques we’ve learned this month by listening to what my body and mind are telling me it needs.

Am I overdoing it and need a rest day?

Am I bored with what I’ve been doing and need to change up?

Is there something else going on in my life that is distracting me from taking this time to myself?

While I think consistency is important I also believe we need to allow ourselves flexibility to honor our own needs. Maybe that means skipping a class and going for a walk outside or coming home and putting on PJs to relax.

Again, the focus should be on finding what makes us whole and healthy. That balance point is where we will find the activities that support us mentally and the need to be physically active.

Here’s where I love the Balance oil because it helps me keep perspective about what I’m doing but also aware if I need to deviate and do something else.


When I Just Need to Move

Now there are times when I just need a good swift kick and get moving. I’m making excuses on why I shouldn’t and can’t when really it’s just my mind falling back into the comfort of old habits. This is where willpower just isn’t enough to keep you going because it’s just too easy to soothe with things we are used to doing regularly.

I have found using the Passion oil blend along with Peppermint help inspire action and accept that this is an activity that deep down I do want to do and is worth it despite what my mind is telling me at the moment.


Passion helps you feel excitement and that look forward feeling while Peppermint gives you the energy to take action.  I put both on the back of my neck and my lower back and then I reach for my sneakers.

Interested in more?

When it comes to moving your body more, we can create stress in our lives that become barriers to continuing to workout. Striking that balance between knowing you need to be active and finding something fulfilling can help you make this year a transformation health year for you.

If you have questions about using these oils to support your exercise goals this year, please reach out

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