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National Day of Giving – A Call for Giving Children Hope

Today, November 27, is known as the National Day of Giving.

Back in May 2018, I posted a blog post about some of the programs doTERRA sponsors and actively participates in that directly help people around the globe. Read it here:

The needs and efforts in these programs are daily and not just centered on a day of national recognition but this day allows us to intentionally focus on what we can do for others.

Giving though is sometimes hard. It’s not that we don’t want to help but sometimes making that choice to give versus making sure your family has what they need or making sure there will be enough when a crisis happens is actually a decision some of us have to make. We all have budgets and especially around the holidays those budgets have to stretch even further at times. I love this post written by Eclipsed Words on this very topic:

Giving Children Hope

Understanding our family and holiday budget constraints I have found a way that we can all give, directly impact others in a positive way AND stay within a small budget for this holidays.

This year, I call you to action on this day to help support the efforts to end child sex trafficking. It’s something everyone who reads this blog can do.

The Operation Underground Railroad has a website full of information and details about how they are working to stop child sex trafficking.

doTERRA supports this program and gives many volunteer hours and monetary support to continue this very important work. doTERRA gives ALL the profits from the special oil blend Hope Touch crafted especially for this cause directly to support the Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to end child sex trafficking.

hope oil

It is a beautiful moment every time a bottle of this special oil is sold to a customer. Not only does the customer get a wonderful oil that smells divine and has wonderful benefits to uplift and calm but that bottle is helping a child be rescued and have a chance to heal from horrific situations we cannot even imagine.

doTERRA Hope Touch is a distinct essential oil blend combining the fresh scent of Bergamot with Ylang Ylang and Frankincense, then sweetened slightly with the warming aroma of Vanilla Bean Absolute. doTERRA Hope Touch can be applied to the neck, wrists, and pulse points to experience a refreshing scent throughout the day. Its inviting scent is only one thing that makes doTERRA Hope Touch truly unique. With each application of doTERRA Hope Touch, breathe in its uplifting scent while knowing your purchase is part of a bigger cause—to help rescue precious children throughout the world. With each purchase of doTERRA Hope Touch the full purchase price ($20.00) is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™* which supports efforts fighting against sex-trafficking around the world.
  1. Apply to wrists, neck, and pulse points for a personalized fragrance.

  2. Keep in purse and apply throughout the day to uplift mood.

  3. Roll on a sachet and keep in drawers or closets to give clothes a fresh scent.

Let’s Take Giving to the Next Level!

For every person reading this blog post, I challenge you right now to purchase at least one bottle of Hope Touch oil.  Each bottle is just $20.

The oil makes a wonderful personal item to have for yourself or is a perfect gift this holiday season for more than just the recipient of the bottle. At $20 it will fit gift giving budgets and have such a deep meaning behind it.

For every person who purchases a bottle of Hope Touch today November 27 by 11:59 PM EST through my website, I will match your purchase with another Hope Touch I personally purchase.  The Hope Touch oils I purchase to match your purchases will be donated to the local women’s shelter located in the town where I live in South Carolina.


TODAY, we can touch so many lives in an important and direct way. Please join me in this challenge!

Interested in more?

If you have questions or need assistance purchasing Hope Touch please reach out to me.

This challenge is only valid for the Hope Touch oil purchased through my store website by 11:59PM EST, November 27.

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