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Natural Health Gift Guide 2018

How do you do your holiday shopping?

Many of us start holiday shopping early in order to get the best pricing and selection. Some of us even pick up things throughout the year as they find items on sale or unique items you know you will not find again. A growing number of us shop all online and enjoy the fun of daily deliveries to our porch.

Regardless of your preferred shopping strategy and method, we all have the same goal – finding the perfect gift.

We all want to give the perfect gift befitting of the recipient. This can be challenging and time consuming to find such a perfect item within our budget. The holidays compound this challenge with time and rush for limited supplies and super deals.

To help with planning and budgeting for the holiday shopping, we recommend foregoing the malls and big box stores in favor of natural health. This is a gift that fits everyone on your list and comes with a long lasting memory of the experience and impact you can have for improving someone’s health.

Here’s our top natural products and essential oils that would be perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Yes, literally everyone can enjoy and realize the benefits of having natural products in their life.

Co-Workers and Boss

We spend a lot of time at work and with people we work with every day. When it comes to the holidays there is often an onslaught of little gifts to co-workers or holiday office parties where gifts are exchanged.

There is also usually a pool of money to get a gift for the boss(es) or each person gives a personal gift.

In both situations, it is important to give a professional yet personal gift.

For co-workers, giving OnGuard Sanitizing Mist or any of the OnGuard products is both practical and personal. Too often we carry germs to work where colds, flus and illnesses hop from one desk to another.

Another cute idea is to give a roller ball bottle of InTune, Cheer, Motivate, Hope, Console or Peace to your co-workers. These lovely labeled bottles are wonderful at supporting our emotions at work.

The Hope oil blend has the extra gift of being an oil where 100% of the profits go to help support efforts to end sex trafficking.

Teachers and School Bus Drivers

It’s always a good day to thank a teacher or school bus driver for all that they do in your child’s life.

Many of these individuals are severely underpaid and often take money from their own family budget to fill needs of school supplies, cleaning products and snacks for your children.

Treat them with a gift set of OnGuard, Breathe and support products to make their jobs easier!

Making up a small gift basket of the OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner, Sanitizing Mist, Breathe Vapor Stick, OnGuard lozenges, Peppermint Beadlets, OnGuard Beadlets and Deep Blue would be super cute and very much appreciated.

Female Family & Friends

So often there are gifts of lotions, bath gels and creams that are a standard gift to give to our female family and friends.

Replace those chemical versions of these products with natural versions! doTERRA has a wonderful spa and skincare line that is lovely and perfect for all the women on your list.

You can trust these gifts will be used and not sit on the shelf or re-gifted too.


There is also the new doTERRA Body Mist that is absolutely divine with its infusion of the doTERRA Beautiful oil blend. It is wonderful at softening skin after warm showers and baths.

body mist

Male Family & Friends

This year doTERRA rolled out a wonderful gift set specific to men. This gift set contains an aftershave, soap and lotion. The scent is very manly and the packaging is perfect for a man who isn’t too sure about all the essential oil stuff.

amavi collection

Another great idea would be to create a small workshop set consisting of:

  1. Deep Blue Rub

  2. OnGuard Sanitizing Mist

  3. Melaleuca and Lemon put into a spray for de-greasing parts and hands

  4. Purify put into a spray for sanitizing work surfaces and cleaning around the work area

wa-melaleuca (1)

Children & Babies

doTERRA’s Kid’s Collection is perfect for children and early teens. Each roller bottle comes with a colorful cap and clear label letting the child know what each is and how it will support them. The bottles have super cute names like Thinker, Brave, Stronger, Calmer, Steady and Rescuer work well for boys and girls!

kids set

Children, teens and even babies can all benefit from Lavender. Using the pre-diluted Touch Lavender makes application easy to apply to their backs, feet, tummies and boo-boos.

Gifting a bottle of Lavender Touch to new parents or sticking a bottle in a stocking of a child or teen is very nice way to extend the comforting benefits of Lavender. With it being pre-diluted children can safely apply it themselves with adult supervision.


New parents will forever thank you for this fabulous baby set of natural products. Each product contains wonderful essential oils to support baby’s skin while eliminating chemicals and ingredients that can be irritating and drying.


Other options for children’s stockings include

  1. OnGuard Toothpaste with a new toothbrush

  2. OnGuard Sanitizing Mist

  3. PB Assist Jr Packets

pb assist jr

For older children and teens you can gift a DIY set of roller ball bottles with cute crystals, droppers, and an introductory set of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint oils with a bottle of fractionated coconut oil so they can make their own oil blends for perfumes and homework helper.

crystal roller.PNG
wa-introductory-kit (2)

Host Gifts

Wine is a great gift but a personal gift is also nice when you need a hostess gift.  Taking along a nice diffuser and a couple oils can transform your hostess’ home with the scents of the season and give her the great support she needs for stress.

I highly recommend the doTERRA diffusers because they are high quality, high performing diffusers with multi-functions.  Combining a diffuser with a Peppermint and Wild Orange oil are a perfect gift!

White Elephant & Secret Santa

Many large families and workplaces have a secret Santa or White Elephant game to share gifts without busting budgets.

The trick is to have a gender neutral yet fabulous gift everyone will want in the White Elephant game.

I recommend, the Santa Snores gift set consisting of a diffuser and set of oils including Serenity, Breathe and Vetiver.

Oops Forgot Gifts

There is always someone you didn’t expect at the holidays. Having a few extra gender neutral gifts on hand is always a help in these situations.

You can never go wrong with a little set of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils. There are literally over 101 ways to use these 3 oils making it an economical and practical gift to give to anyone on your list.

wa-introductory-kit (2)

Interested in more?

Including a natural product and essential oils is the perfect gift for this season. It will give your recipient something they can easily use and will be able to experience firsthand how wonderful and beneficial it is to have natural products in their life.

For questions or help finding the perfect natural gift please reach out!

Gift nature this year and save 25%!  Get your account here:

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