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New User Blues

When you decide to try essential oils you can feel like it’s pretty simple and you’ll be able to easily use them with minimal help. That theory is mostly true but it’s important to have some foundation knowledge to make your first uses meaningful. It is easy to get overwhelmed or not understand how to use your new oils to realize their benefits.

Here are some great rules of thumb for new oil users:

A Little is Actually A Lot

1 drop of essential oil is highly potent.  While it may not look like a lot when it’s in your palm, that 1 drop is often the equivalent to a cap full or regular amount of your traditional product.

New users often over do the amount of oil they think they need for it to be effective.

For personal care use, 1-2 drops is more than sufficient in the majority of cases

For diffusing 1-4 drops of any 1 oil is perfect. When blending oils in your diffuser it’s fine to use up to 4 drops of each oil but you may want to scale back on the heavier, thicker oils to maybe 1-2 drops due to their stronger aroma.

Until you know how you will respond to the oil, start with a 1 drop amount and increase as you feel comfortable.

Always Dilute

When applying oil to your skin, diluting is the best way to  ensure maximum benefit. Dilution can occur through lotion or carrier oils.

Always use an unscented lotion that is all natural, chemical free when mixing with essential oils.

Using oils on babies, children and pets is possible but dilution is highly recommended.