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NO MORE! – Winning the War Against Adult Acne

I have suffered from adult acne ALL of my adult life.

Since I was a teenager I have had these angry painful breakouts that were a constant presence on my face.  Mixed with a very heavy oily skin type I have battled the war on acne for years and well pass the time when I should have to.  It literally reminded me of the picture above each time I looked in the mirror at my skin.

I always thought as I got a little older this would go away at last.

At 45, I’m still dreaming of the day when my face will be completely clear, unblemished and smooth. I seriously do not understand how my face can produce these large, deep infections at this point in my life.

As an adult professional working woman it is embarrassing and no amount of make-up will hide the ugly bumps and redness of pimples. I have tried them all to be sure! In fact, often makeup will often just incite more to appear on my face the next day!

Now with hormonal changes this ongoing war has only persisted to attack my jawline with pimples and further add to my struggle to control oil and not walk into meetings looking like a blooming teenager with a broken out face.

I literally tried every product on the market, regardless of cost, in desperation to get this under control.  I underwent painful micro-derm abrasion treatments, laser treatments, too prescription medications for it and still it would not stop.  One of the prescriptions I tried required me to have a blood test once a month to make sure it wasn’t harming my liver. Here I was risking my liver’s health just to clear up my face!

When I first starting using essential oils it was yet another attempt to stop the breakouts and gain a foothold against this acne war.

My essential oil sponsor told me she too had battled this war and went through many of the same treatments and steps I had with no success. She was using doTERRA Melaleuca and Frankincense every day. Her skin was perfect. I would have never guessed she had the same problem I had looking at her face.  She didn’t even have make up on.

I will forever be in her debt for the two little samples she gave me to try.

Two weeks later, my skin was calmer and less red.

One month later, I had only had 2 pimples compared to the normal countless ones that would appear.

It sold me. I enro