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Oil & Coffee

The Prince song, “Starfish and Coffee” came to mind when writing this post. The song about things you wouldn’t dream of having for a meal but that turn out to be wonderful and fitting for a beautiful girl in mismatched socks is a great fit for our topic today.


Essential oils can be added to your morning coffee!

It can seem weird to think about putting a drop in your morning java but the reasons for doing this will have you feeling freely good and maybe even humming a little “Starfish and Coffee” in your day.

Here are some oils that pair well with coffee.

When adding oil to your coffee, add only 1 drop at most. The scent and benefits are fully appreciated in this very small amount. If a drop is too much for you, try using the toothpick method to add a 1/2 drop or very light amount of the oil.


Looking for a pick me up that brings a java mocha taste to your personal mug then try a drop of peppermint in your coffee. Add half-and-half and your favorite sweetner as usual.

Citrus Bliss

This unique citrus blend bodes well with chickory blend coffees. This introduces a nice balance with the woody aroma of the chickory coffee beans.


Adding lavender to your coffee is great for milder tasting coffees. This floral of lavender blends well to give an added depth to the lighter coffee taste.


Taking a drop of OnGuard in your coffee introduces a little taste of cinnamon, ginger, wild orange, eucalyptus and rosemary. Using this oil is perfect for when the seasons change and you need a little boost to prevent illness.


The benefits of using a drop of Frankincense daily under your tongue are fantastic. This oil is great for cellular health and boosting our metabolism. The scent and taste of this oil pair well with coffee making it easier for some to digest it in this form.

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