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Oil Conversions

Essential oils are practical ways to replace stale, wilted over priced herbs and spices in your kitchen. Changing to essential oils is a great way to save a bundle of money as well. Using oils in your dishes is a wonderful way to introduce flavor, spice and taste to your recipes.

Here’s some ways to successfully use oils in your favorite recipes.

Replace herbs & spices with quality

When using oils in your dishes, it is important to make sure you are using pure high quality oils that can be used internally.  It is for this reason I only use doTERRA essential oils. doTERRA’s oils are independently tested to the highest standard available between harvest to bottling to ensure purity.


Replacing fresh or dried herbs and spices with essential oils is simple.  Here is a basic conversion chart to get you started:


Toothpick method

When you first try essential oils in your dishes it is often recommended you start out with a very, very small amount. The best way to do this is to insert a toothpick in the essential oil bottle and flick the oil into your oil. This allows you to temper the taste to your liking without overdoing the drop with the oil.


It is best to add oils after your dish is removed from heat. Adding oils while still on the heat source changes the composition of the oil and diminishes its flavor and aroma.

Interested in more?

The next time you cook or bake your favorite dish try replacing the herbs and spices with essential oils! It’s a wonderful way to give the flavor and taste!

If you would like to try essential oils in your dishes, please reach out. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and help you get the oils perfect for your dish.

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