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OnGuard Winner!

OnGuard is super at keeping your immunity strong so you can stay healthy against germs, viruses and bacteria.

It’s easy to use too! Here are some favorites of mine when using this powerful oil blend:

  1. Place a drop on the bottom of your feet for daily immuity protection

  2. Diffuse to cleanse the air of viruses

  3. Mix with water or castile soap for a surface cleaner

  4. Drop into laundry for stain and odor support

  5. Apply to air filters in your home to disperse it throughout for air purification and a fun autumn aroma

  6. Use in tea to fight off sniffles and coughs

  7. Make healthy flavorful PANCAKES!


Learn more!

You are welcome to participate in the self-paced Facebook training series we ran 8/20 – 8/29 to learn how OnGuard supports your immunity system to protect you against germs, viruses and illness.

This a free learning series open to everyone! No purchase is required but if you go through the training and decide you do want to get the Immune Support Kit, please reach out to me so I can help you get it at 25% off retail!

7-Day Immunity Tune-Up

Interested in more?

You can purchase OnGuard at a discount by joining our wholesale club. There is no minimum monthly purchase required and you receive at least 25% off all your oils and products. Click the Join & Save on our website to get your OnGuard today!

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