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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

As we wind down 2018 we are celebrating a little early.  In early January it will mark 1 year of our blog! What an exciting milestone to reach!

We personally thank all our loyal readers and followers. This was a new adventure for us so your support has been very appreciated. We are so humbled to part of your life in this way.

Secondly, this is a great point in the year to reflect back on our top blog posts from the past 12 months. Based on your comments, feedback and likes we have listed below the top 10 blog posts of 2018 with links so you can go back and re-read them.

Look for some incredible posts coming your way in 2019. We will continue to share all we know about natural living solutions and helping you save money along the way. As we line things up for January and take some time to be with our family this will be our last post of 2018.

You however can always get in touch with your questions by emailing me at

Here’s to a peaceful and wonderful holiday season to you and yours. We look forward to bringing you even more information, tips and fun about natural living in the coming new  year.


Amy & Family

The 10 Most Read, Liked and Commented on Posts of 2018

10. My Beach Bag

Published June 7, 2018


All you need for a complete bag setup for a day at the beach this summer. This is a comprehensive description of natural products and oils to protect you and your family at the beach!

9. Oils for Education

Published April 10, 2018

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A great overview of how we can reduce toxic chemicals in our classrooms and protect our children and teachers from these harsh toxins.

8. The Cost of Clean

Published April 9, 2018


A great comparison of the monetary savings realized when you switch to natural cleaners using essential oils. The savings are huge and the benefits to your health are incredible.

7. Why Buy from a Network Marketing Person?

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Published May 2, 2018

There are some wonderful advantages and benefits by purchasing products from a network marketing person running their own business. The level of service and quality is hard to compare to any other form of shopping you do in your life.

6. Into the Mist of Diffuser Benefits


Published April 18, 2018

A quick read about the benefits you can realize from diffusing high quality essential oils and how quickly oils work when used in this way.

5. Meet the Real Patchouli


Published February 14, 2018

Often associated with a 1970’s paisley print party, the Patchouli essential oil is nothing like these images. Delivering real benefits to your physical and emotional help this is an oil that everyone can enjoy and not have to wear polyester!

4. Copaiba and CBD Oils


Published July 9, 2018

For this post I share what I have learned about the how doTERRA Copaiba and Kannaway CBD oils work individually and what they can do together to help manage emotional needs we have like stress, anxiety, pain and PTSD.

3. Bug Bands


Published April 2, 2018

In this fun post I describe what we do in our home to protect ourselves naturally against outdoor bugs. We share our bug bands that are easy to make and work fantastic on everyone in your family, including pets!

2. The Case Between Young Living and doTERRA


Published August 29, 2018

This was a touchy post to write but in it I share my thoughts on the over 5 year lawsuit brought on by Young Living against doTERRA. I share how I believe this frivolous lawsuit was yet another example of corporate bullying and further damaged the MLM industry and all those who make a living from this type of work.

1. The Seedy Underbelly of Network Marketing


Published April 30, 2018

In this post I talk about the pushy sales people who are all about selling their products and forget the relationship aspect of their business.  I list out what I do that is different in approach and why it’s important to center on your customer in all that you do.

Interested in more?

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