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Outdoor Blessings

As summer winds down, the nights and weekends start to include fire pits and heartier foods to keep warm. It’s still very pleasant outside but there is a growing hint of a new season approaching, complete with slight touches of turning leaves and cooler nights.

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These cooler nights give us a chance to take a minute to enjoy the scene from our porch or deck and just enjoy the time we are blessed to be given.

As we take in the sights and sounds of that around us outside we can use this as opportunity to include a moment of self-care as well.

Since most of us are uber speed busy these precious times when we can just sit a minute and look at the scenery are often few and far between. We may even find ourselves so hyped up and stressed we can’t easily switched to a relaxed mode.

When you have the chance to sit outside in the warm yet refreshing coolness of a September evening, do it. Even if its for 5 minutes.

Let your mind drift and relax your facial muscles and the tension between your shoulders.

Here are some ways to enhance this quiet yet incredibly short time you may have to enjoy some quiet outdoor meditation and relaxation.


Even though the weather may be shifting, mosquitoes and other pests are still out in force in many areas. Don’t let them ruin your time outdoors.

A quick sprtiz of TerraShield or a rubber bracelet soaked in TerraShield is a natural deterrent for bugs and pets.



Another oil that is great for pest control is Cedarwood. However, this oil is on the list for its ability to help you relax and let go of things that are keeping your stressed and anxious.

Take a drop of the oil in the palm of your hands and inhale deeply. Let the oil settle in your nose and deliver the relaxing properties.

Then take your hands and apply the oil to the back of your neck and wherever you carry stress. Feel the sense of comfort and peace surround you as your relax in a comfy chair outside to watch a sunset or read a few pages of a good book.



Applying Balance daily to the bottom of your feet is a great healthy habit to have in your routine. This wonderful oil provides us with centering and focus for our emotions and spirits as we flow through our days encountering stresses.

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Applying Frankincense to your heart is good for realigning your spirit and mind when things are bumpy in life. This oil lifts us up and helps us feel connected to something larger in life that can guide us through these stressful times.



This is a great oil to help with all things associated with stress, anxiety, depression, over-thinking and high emotions.

A drop of this oil under your tongue helps relieve these symptoms so you can feel free of their burden and pull.


Interested in more?

Here’s hoping your weekend contains just a little bit of time to take in the sights and sounds of peacefulness outdoors.

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