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Outlander – Essential Jamie

James Fraser, the brave warrior yet gentle, loving husband to Claire.  A character I truly adore in this series and can’t seem to get enough. He’s strong, smart and savvy yet humorous, loving and gentle. How much more perfect he could be I cannot imagine. I seriously don’t even mind the red hair and love the kilt…but I digress.

He is forever in the middle of chaos, mayhem, battles and wars carrying scars both internally and externally from his rough and rowdy journey through life.  His pure determination and strength have helped him through so many trials and misfortunes.

Thankfully, he met a time traveling modern day physician along the way who knows how to combine modern day knowledge with plant and natural based solutions in historical times. Claire lovingly and sometimes sternly fixes, sets and administers care to Jamie using herbs, plants, and essential oil compounds she makes herself.

To help Claire, I’ve outlined doTERRA essential oils to help her treat Jamie’s wounds and certainly if she ever needed assistance I’m sure there would be lots of volunteers…

Cuts, Burns and Scars

Jamie has a lot of scars on his back and those will likely never go away given the severity of them. However, Claire can apply these essential oils to help the skin heal and reduce the visibility of some of those scars:

  1. Lavender

  2. Frankincense

  3. Sandalwood

  4. Helichysum

  5. Peppermint

  6. Myrrh


Stress, Calming and Centering

There is always something happening in the story of Jamie and Claire. Whether it’s war, political positioning for power or threats to them, there is usually a high level of stress that requires quick thinking, action and a solid dirk.