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Outlander – Essential Jamie

James Fraser, the brave warrior yet gentle, loving husband to Claire.  A character I truly adore in this series and can’t seem to get enough. He’s strong, smart and savvy yet humorous, loving and gentle. How much more perfect he could be I cannot imagine. I seriously don’t even mind the red hair and love the kilt…but I digress.

He is forever in the middle of chaos, mayhem, battles and wars carrying scars both internally and externally from his rough and rowdy journey through life.  His pure determination and strength have helped him through so many trials and misfortunes.

Thankfully, he met a time traveling modern day physician along the way who knows how to combine modern day knowledge with plant and natural based solutions in historical times. Claire lovingly and sometimes sternly fixes, sets and administers care to Jamie using herbs, plants, and essential oil compounds she makes herself.

To help Claire, I’ve outlined doTERRA essential oils to help her treat Jamie’s wounds and certainly if she ever needed assistance I’m sure there would be lots of volunteers…

Cuts, Burns and Scars

Jamie has a lot of scars on his back and those will likely never go away given the severity of them. However, Claire can apply these essential oils to help the skin heal and reduce the visibility of some of those scars:

  1. Lavender

  2. Frankincense

  3. Sandalwood

  4. Helichysum

  5. Peppermint

  6. Myrrh


Stress, Calming and Centering

There is always something happening in the story of Jamie and Claire. Whether it’s war, political positioning for power or threats to them, there is usually a high level of stress that requires quick thinking, action and a solid dirk.

Here I would recommend:

  1. Lavender

  2. Balance

  3. Frankincense

  4. Patchouli

  5. Lemongrass

  6. Grapefruit


Jamie suffers at the hands of Black Jack Randall in ways that are most horrifying and devastating. Most would not have survived this level of torture and even our beloved Jamie suffers to the point we think he may not recover.

Today, Jamie’s condition would most likely be called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or something similar for his high level of depression, trauma and behavioral implications from what he suffered.

To help in this situation there are several oils that can be used:

  1. Grapefruit

  2. Lemongrass

  3. Frankincense

  4. Serenity

  5. Patchouli

  6. Balance

  7. Melissa

  8. Roman Chamomile

  9. Helichrysum

  10. Vetiver

  11. Peace

  12. Breathe

Broken Bones

Jamie’s hands particularly suffer broken bones frequently along with his nose, shoulder and other areas of his body. Claire does her best to set these fractures and he remarkably recovers each time. It is of wonder if during this process Claire also applies:

  1. White Fir

  2. Birch

  3. Helichrysum

  4. Wintergreen

These oils will help the bone heal and provide pain management during the process



Sanitary conditions were hard to come by in a time of outdoor plumbing and lack of understanding about germs. Lacking penicillin and other antibiotics Claire has to frequently rely on natural methods to prevent and treat infections that arise. These oils help with cleaning out infections and helping wounds that were infected heal:

  1. Melaleuca

  2. Frankincense

  3. Myrrh

  4. Lemon

  5. Tangerine


At a time when Tylenol and other modern day fever reducers did not exist, many unfortunately died from fevers. When Jamie encounters fever from his wounds or illness, Claire is left hurrying to find solutions to reduce his temperature.

These oils can help with fever reduction:

  1. Bergamont

  2. Juniper Berry

  3. Birch

  4. Eucalyptus

  5. Spearmint

  6. Peppermint

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Common Colds and Sinus Problems

Claire is less susceptible to colds and sinus problems in the historical period she now lives. However, those around her have not developed the natural antibodies for the colds and sinus ailments they suffer and could potentially also become more sick and die from.

To treat colds and sinus problems with essential oils:

  1. Lemon

  2. Black Pepper

  3. Thyme

  4. Wild Orange

  5. Breathe

Jamie is living proof natural solutions work and can heal the body. Claire’s ability to find and apply essential oils and herbs helps this occur but it more importantly points out that we too can apply these same methods in our lives today for health.


This is my personal diffuser blend that I call the Highlander. It reminds me of the character Jamie, Scotland and kilts. It is woodsy, earthy and the complex touch of citrus and vetiver give it a grounding manly aroma. It’s warm, safe and strong. Enjoy!

Highlander (1).png

Interested in more?

If you’d like to be an Outlander and try essential oils, please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the oils that are perfect for your needs.

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