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Outlander – Good Medicine (Repost)

This post originally appeared April 12, 2018 on our blog. We are reposting it to celebrate the long awaited start of Outlander Season 4 starting November 4.

Books or Show?

I’m a huge Outlander fan of both the books and TV series. How incredible that two people could have so much adventure in their lives, travel to so many countries at a time when most didn’t leave their own village their whole lives and experience so much history in the making. It’s enchanting and I admit I’m hooked.

I’m reading a little (OK A LOT) ahead of the TV series because it simply takes too long between seasons!  I love comparing the books and episodes and then re-watching the episodes all for pure pleasure and the excuse to just see it again. Its a show that I hope never runs out of story … or kilts.

Claire: Natural Medicine Doctor

The character of Claire and her background in nursing and later as a physician is perfect in so many ways. She’s an ideal and obvious match for the incredible James Fraser but deeper than that she is a direct lifeline to many in the story. Her healing abilities, innate knowledge of plants and natural medicine and background in modern day medicine and diseases is a perfect combination. She is continually looking for plants, herbs and saps to use to help those around her. She makes and uses her own compounds, essential oils and other natural supplements. Even in her modern day medicine career she applied natural treatments in compliment to traditional treatments with her patients.

I’ve written many times of the importance of finding a doctor who is open to natural solutions to compliment traditional treatments. You need a doctor who is going to look for answers regardless of whether they come from traditional or natural means. Most importantly that they understand that it is probably not healthy long term to rely solely on man-made chemicals to heal our bodies.

Natural Medicine Now & Then

One of my favorite parts in Season 2 is when Claire goes to the French apothecary. The description in the book is incredibly detailed and thoughtful. I love the visual of crammed shelves and cases with rows of bottles, boxes and interesting species. While the owner is a unique person unto himself and I secretly think, he too, is from the future or at least is familiar with travelers, he possesses a wonderful knowledge of natural elements and their uses.


It clearly shows how reliant we once were on only natural remedies. While we knew the treatment of illness would come from nature at that time in history there was still developing knowledge for how to use them and for what. We also didn’t understand basics diseases, germs, viruses or bacteria. There were not even names for many of the diseases yet.  I believe this is the point in time where we began to see the opinions many still have today that natural treatments don’t work.

Our heroine however does recognize many of these elements and the diseases, illnesses, virus, bacteria and germs. She volunteers to help people to the best of her ability, applying modern medical knowledge, using basic medical tools and natural methods to provide comfort and chance for health. Think of the number of people she helped and saved by combining her knowledge and natural medicine that otherwise probably wouldn’t have made it. She changed history for a lot of people!


This is the kind of medical professional I want helping me!

I’m also betting she would love doTERRA essential oils to add to her medicine boxes and surgery.


I think Claire is a good example of how each of us can apply natural remedies in our own homes today. When you look at what she uses in many cases it is the equivalent to what we have available in essential oils. We can apply modern understanding of germs, common illness and diseases and apply natural treatments. We can combine traditional modern day medicine with natural solutions. Health can be achieved and maintained naturally.

Claire may be a fictional character but she is one very good natural medicine person who I hope continues to heal Jamie so their story never ends!

In tribute to my favorite series, I’ve created my own diffuser blend that is great for relaxing, opening up your mind and freely getting caught up in the mysteries of life and love.

Interested in more?

If you’re ready to be an Outlander and begin your oil journey to adopting natural methods into your health and lifestyle please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the oils that are perfect for you!

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