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Paying for Natural Health

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Since many of us are writing checks to the government today for our taxes, I thought it wise to share with you some tips on how to save money living natural. This may even influence your tax bill for next year.

Natural health is growing in popularity but as you transition to using natural options you may for a while be paying for both regular medicines and cleaners alongside some natural products. That can seem like a hit to your budget but even through this transition process you can save money and make savvy decisions to keep from getting a bunch of products you end up not using.

The good news is you can “go natural” and not change what you spend drastically. Well, I will restate this as saying you can do it without spending more than you do now. The reason is that you are replacing what you use now with these new natural options. I have seen a family budget credit from this change so it has actually saved us a nice little chunk of money. I recommend when you start transitioning things you keep track of what is working as well as the cost to you can see your own savings and budget changes.

I also advocate using up what you have and switching things gradually to not only respect your budget but also ensure the changes you make fully work for you and your family. This approach buys you time to make sure the new option is a good fit for your family and that it works in your budget.

How You Pay For Natural Products

The good thing about the recent popularity with natural products is that most HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Future Savings Account) accounts now allow for natural product purchases to be covered through these accounts. They are qualifying “medical expenses” and can be reimbursed. Be sure to check the rules for your specific account or check with your benefit administrator if you can’t find it.

Additionally, many employers contribute to your HSA or FSA when you meet certain health conditions such as completing your annual physical or confirming you are a non-smoker. This contribution to your HSA or FSA helps further offset the costs of natural health products you purchase.

My HSA for instance allows for reimbursement of natural health products including essential oils and other products. This makes it nice to use this account to pay for my doTERRA orders. I also receive an amount contributed to my HSA each pay period from my employer in addition to what I have deducted from my paycheck to go into this account. That more than covers my doTERRA items as well as visits to the doctor or pharmacy.

With an HSA you are using pre-tax dollars for your contribution which also helps save you money because more of your money is available for contribution and use in that account. Many HSA’s also have an investment option to split the account into a income producing investment that will cover any account management fees. The H