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Pent Up Farts and Public Poops

It’s unladylike and we don’t do that!

This was what I remember of a nun in my 3rd grade math class telling us girls about manners. In this particular lesson it was about farting, because some poor little girl let one go while practicing our long division. She spent the rest of class in the corner, after being laughed at by her classmates and scolded by the teacher.

She probably has never farted again publicly in her life.

I am of a generation where girls were taught you don’t fart. Even if you are not from this same age, I’m betting you avoid doing so too at all costs. It’s just something us gals learn not do early on in life. Certainly not where anyone can hear or smell it.

We also don’t do number 2 in public.


Good Housekeeping in their 2017 article, says its because our glucose levels change when we are at home and are comfortable pooping in our own toilet. Another article I found said it’s called toilet anxiety. While interesting theories, as a woman I can assure it is because we are taught this in words and examples that it is simply something you don’t do.

Additionally, we are taught the hover move so as to never sit on a public toilet seat. This of course makes any need to poop while in this position an incredibly uncomfortable ordeal. It is already quite a situation to urinate this way.

I never understood these manners, or where they came from, but it was just what you did to fit in and not call attention to yourself. Fitting in is hard enough as a kid so adding embarrassing needs of farting and pooping are sure bets you won’t be included in anything. Those patterns stick too. I, like many women, accepted this and became super conscious about it as I needed to fart or have a bowel movement and wasn’t somewhere alone. This was so engrained in my thinking that I would purposely hold it and feel miserable for hours, and even days, until I could be in my home or hotel room bathroom alone. My digestive system and health would pay for price for these excellent manners too.