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Protecting Our Child’s Health

As we approach the new school year we are busily organizing school supplies, class schedules and lunch box menus.

We also know many of our children will be exposed to germs and illnesses in their classrooms throughout the school year. Each year the average child will visit the school nurse or be sent home ill about 3 times a year. In many cases parents are called during the school day to come pick up a sick child that has come down with a fever or is vomiting.

Like us, our children need protection against the germs and viruses they are exposed to in the classroom. You can help boost your child’s immunity and support their growth with natural solutions. These are gentle on your child’s growing bodies and helps support their needs for nutrients, vitamins and minerals they don’t get from school lunches and snacks.

Power Pack

doTERRA’s A2Z Chewable and IQ Mega are  specifically made for children’s growing bodies. The ingredients taste good and won’t upset their stomach.

These supplements do not contain sugar or any other chemical that you will find in the majority of child supplements in a store. Instead these all natural supplements are made from plants and contain whole foods that can be digested by the body and broken down to support your child’s health.


PB Assist Junior

This is a flavorful and fun way to get your child to take a vitamin. Each small tube is packed with over 6 million live cells containing 6 stains of friendly flora that support the digestive system.

The majority of our health is derived from our gut so supporting your child’s digestive system is critically important to help them stay healthy to fight off germs and viruses they are exposed to in school.

pb assist jr.PNG

The packets are also great for adults and seniors as a way to increase immunity on the go.

Interested in more?

Back to school is a great time to up your child’s immunity and growth needs with a natural solution. These 3 products are incredible at delivering exactly what your child needs for a school year free from illness.

Please contact me with any questions or order your child’s best friend against illness this school year.

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