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Questions You Must Ask Before Using Oils

Even though the majority of essential oils have been used for centuries there is a refreshed look at how they continue to support our health and life in a natural effective way.  It is very trendy to talk about using essential oils right now.  There is growing curiosity and interests into how we can reduce toxic load in our daily lives and improve health.

When there is a growing popularity of something, our marketplace responds quickly to over saturate the options for buyers. Essential oils are no exception. There are millions being spent on marketing and messaging for what oils are the best to capture the consumers attention. I’ve written previously about the risks of not doing your homework before purchasing oils but I will recap it here for any new readers:

  1. Quality matters – only use pure 100% oils for your health and home

  2. Research the company and independent test results

  3. True essential oils don’t come in a gallon size

  4. NEVER use oils internally unless you are certain they are pure high quality and labeled with dietary and supplemental use information

There are also some helpful questions to ask yourself before you consider using essential oils so you can increase the benefits and ensure your safety.

What are you trying to improve?

Are you looking to improve an aspect of your health such as sleep, anxiety or stress reduction, air quality, toxic load, or something else?

Understanding what you want to change or improve helps you find the right essential oil for your needs and interests. Doing so will ensure you can maximize the benefit from using that oil and not become frustrated at spending money for things you don’t end up using.

Is the focus your child or pet?

Children and pets respond well to natural products and can thrive from their use but there are additional steps to take due to their acute sensitivity and smaller bodies.

  1. Before you use oils on your child or pet make sure they are 100% pure and highly tested for quality

  2. Always dilute the oil before application

  3. Pay attention to what they are responding to and how

  4. Understand which oils are not advised for certain ages or pets

  5. Seek information, resources and build your knowledge before use

While oils are highly effective, you cannot randomly start applying them in your child or pet’s life without understanding what you are doing, how much to use and how to use them. Take the time to become educated about the oils, what works best for children and pets and how to use them safely. Essential oils should be treated like medicine in all respects.

Are you seeking immediate results?

We are a “insta-now” society that does not deal well with delayed gratification.  When you start using essential oils in your health there can be frustration if results are not immediately noticed.

We must allow our bodies time to readjust and learn to strength itself. Essential oils do not replace pills in doing what our bodies should be doing for themselves. Instead they support our bodies ability to perform and strengthen independently. This can take time to accomplish.

Some results can be seen and experienced immediately however when you start using essential oils. Here are some ways you can experience that:

  1. Change your household cleaners to natural products and essential oils

  2. Keep a journal of your experience with oils, including diffuser blends that you find work best for you

  3. Incorporate oils in your cooking for flavorful experiences

  4. Create a cost breakdown to realize the savings from changing to essential oils

Are you under a doctor’s care?

There are a growing number of family doctors and specialists supporting the use of natural solutions in conjunction with traditional treatment. Many of the leading teaching medical schools and research centers including Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and Kansas University are studying essential oils as an option to include in disease management. Their results reported to date are very encouraging.

If you are using essential oils to support a health concern it is to your benefit to talk to your doctor about it.  This can help them monitor progress and ensure your medication and natural treatments are working cohesively together for your benefit.

What are your goals?

Understanding what you truly want to accomplish with essential oils helps make sure you get the right products to support those needs. Working with someone, such as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, helps you understanding the options and select the natural essential oils right for you.

Many people are afraid of using direct marketing companies but in reality when it comes to essential oils it is one of the best channels to ensuring you get high quality oils at a economical price. Again, with so many companies trying to capture the consumer attention for oils it is important to choose a company that stands by its products through quality. doTERRA provides a lot of training to their Wellness Advocates to help ensure safety, quality and positive outcomes for its customers.

What are you willing to change?

This question is really about your seriousness about introducing change to your life. There are a lot of objections people make up when it comes time to purchase oils but the bottom line is how serious are you about wanting true change in your life?

Compared to chemical based household cleaners, over the counter medications, supplements and vitamins, personal care products and other products we use in our lives every day essential oils can cost pennies per drop even for the high quality pure oils.

The use of oils means you are taking the steps to reduce chemicals in your life, take control of your health and learn how to do those things using nature. That takes time to learn and you must give yourself patience in that process. This again is why it is important to have someone, like a qualified doTERRA Wellness Advocate, accessible to you for questions, support and help when you need it.

Interested in more?

Essential oils do so much more than just smell pretty and are worth  looking at if you’re ready to truly revolutionize your health and home. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like help finding the right products for your needs and interests.

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