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Realizing Health Through Our Hair

Even though the majority of us no longer style our hair using OJ canisters to make big bouncy curls and RAVE hairspray to keep it all in place we still spend fortunes each year on products that are equally damaging to our locks and health.

The products we use on our hair greatly impacts not only our hair’s health but also our body.  Our hair also can indicate our overall health.

When it comes to taking care of our hair the products we choose matters. Like other other areas of our health, it is possible to reduce toxic load through the products we apply and revamp our hair’s health while still realizing beautiful results.

Shampoo & Conditioner

There are a multitude of products on the market for cleaning our hair. Every scent, ingredient and benefit can be realized from selecting the right shampoo and conditioner.

For many of us, purchasing shampoo and conditioner at a salon or big chain store is common. The off the shelf brands have come a long way to improving the quality of their products so most consumers can get a decent shampoo without the salon price. The problem however is most of the products sold contain parabens, dyes and other ingredients that are terrible for your hair. Parabens are preservative chemicals that give products a longer shelf life.

The CDC reports they do not know the impact that paraben exposure has on our health!

Yet every day millions of people unknowingly wash their hair and their children’s hair with these chemicals that could be making us sick.

Switching to a paraben free product is a wise investment. There are many options available including an all natural option from doTERRA that contains their 100% pure essential oils.


Often when you use higher quality products on your hair,  you end up needing less product to clean and style your hair. This makes the products last longer and in most cases the cost comes out pretty close to what you were paying for off the shelf items. Here too, though it is important to make sure the products  you choose are natural, paraben free and not just overpriced versions of what you are trying to eliminate.

Protecting Your Hair

Essential oils are great for applying to your hair and scalp to manage a multitude of concerns.

Applying oils to damp just washed hair is easy by simply adding 2 drops of the oil to your palm and then working from your scalp to hair ends.

Again, choosing high quality 100% essential oils is the key to reducing the toxic load in your hair and maximizing the benefits from using the oils. Here are some great oils to consider:

Dandruff, Dry Scalp

Applying Rosemary essential oil to your hair and scalp helps moisturize and protect your head against dryness. This wonderful aromatic oil unclogs pores that create dryness and allow your scalp to heal.

Hair Growth

As we age the rate at which our hair grows slows down. This causes some of us to experiencing thinning and graying. Using Cedarwood in our hair regularly helps fight this process and supports healthy hair growth.


Frizz, Dry and Brittle Strands

Chamomile essential oil restores softness and soothes scalps to allow hair to restore shine and softness.


Weak Strands

If you often experience split ends and breaking, then applying Geranium essential oil is important. This oil is great for restoring hair’s strength and recovering from ongoing breaking.


Volume and Control

Lavender is a great oil to use to restore hair’s ability to promote volume when styling. This gentle oil coats the hair so it is more manageable while protecting it during heat styled treatments.


Extending Time Between Washes

If you are interested in reducing the need to wash your hair then using Frankincense and Clary Sage are ideal. These oils work together to retain the hair’s ability to absorb oil without the greasy dirty feeling and protect against dandruff that can arise in between washings.


Interested in more?

It’s time to upgrade your hair care to all natural products. This is a very easy transition to make and the results are wonderful! Doing so, not only improve your hair’s health but also your body because you are reducing toxic exposure.

If you have questions please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the oils perfect for your hair care needs. Enroll today and save 25% on your purchase!

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