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Roll It On

The roller ball bottle is a popular way to use essential oils for both new and long time oil lovers. These crafty little oil bottles not only make application easy on-the-go without worry of blending or mixing when needed but they also are fun to use.

What is a Roller Ball Bottle?

A roller ball is simply a vial shaped bottle with a cap that contains a metal or plastic ball. As the ball is turned it applies the oil to the skin.

The bottle itself is typically glass or steel.  Oils work best with glass or steel so they don’t become absorbed or altered like they will with plastics. The ball can be either plastic or steel but it is recommended for optimal use and protection of the oil that you only use steel roller balls.

It is very trendy right now to find roller ball bottles that have crystals in the bottle. These can work well with oils just make sure the crystals are authentic and not plastic knock-offs.

crystal roller

You can often purchase pre-mixed roller blends or make your own to fit your specific interests and needs.

Roller Popularity

Roller ball bottles are popular because of how easy they are to use. You don’t have to worry about amount of oil drops or mixing an oil with other oils or dilution of the oils with a carrier oil prior to use. Simply open the cap and apply it.

With this version of the oils you can also make your own customizing the oil blends to fit your needs. For instance, having a roller for sunburns, another for applying to children before bed or another for headaches are all convenient to have on hand.

The roller ball bottles are also compact to fit easily in purses, gym bags and backpacks for use while traveling, at the ball field, or just running errands.

Roller ball bottles are also popular because they are highly economical and can extend the life of your oil. You use only a few drops in each roller ball bottle due to the oil’s potency. This makes the original bottle of oil go a lot further than if you were using it directly from the bottle.

Packaged Options

doTERRA has a wide variety of oils already pre-diluted and packaged into roller ball bottles.  These individual and blends are economical and sized perfect for carrying in your bag.

When you use a roller ball bottle they are already diluted with a carrier oil, usually fractionated coconut oil, so the bottle is only for topical use. It is not recommended to use these types of oils internally or in a diffuser.


Bottles, caps and roller supplies to make your own roller ball bottles can typically be found at your local craft store or online store.  We also offer these supplies on our website where you can also pick up doTERRA high quality essential oils and fractionated coconut oil all in 1 stop!


Bottles and rollers come in a variety of colors, styles and price points. We do highly recommend getting the steel roller balls and glass bottles to ensure a smooth application and protection against plastic altering your oils.

Always make sure you are using high-quality essential oils. An oil that is not known to be pure or has been altered may cause skin irritations and breakouts. It is for this reason we only use doTERRA essential oils in our home. doTERRA provides information on all their testing standards and each bottle is clearly labeled to know exactly what is inside.

You will also need fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil. We recommend a clear oil for use in roller ball bottles. Fractionated coconut oil works very well but you could also use aloe vera (unscented), olive oil, sunflower, almond or another of your choosing.

Typical roller ball bottles come in 5ml to 15ml sizes. When making your own blends, you will need to alter the amount of oil drops to fit the size bottle you are using. For instance in a 5ml bottle you would typically use no more than 10 total drops of all the oils you are blending and you may use about 15-20 in a 15ml sized bottle. This may not seem like a lot of oil but remember essential oils are highly potent and a little goes a long way.

With doTERRA you can purchase roller balls and caps that fit the 15ml and 5ml original bottles. This is a great way to get the last few remaining drops out of an oil bottle by turning it into a roller ball bottle!


There are numerous recipe options for making your own roller ball bottle. Everything from a boo-boo blend, headache blend, thyroid support, sunburn, fever and more. Take your time to research the recipes to make sure it is one that will work for you. It is also fun to experiment and create your own for perfumes and your specific health care needs.

Our top 3 roller ball bottles we have are:

Monster Juice

This oil blend is perfect for children and helping them be calm and focused. Apply to bottom of the feet, along the spine or let the child apply it to their belly.


Thyroid Support

I have hypothyroidism so this blend is specific for that. There are other recipe option for hyperthyroidism and other thyroid function support needs. Apply across the neck where the thyroid is located.

thyroid support

Headache Roller

This soothing roller ball blend helps reduce pressure from headaches and sinus.  Apply across the forehead, behind the ears, and base of the neck.


Interested in more?

Have fun making your own roller ball blends. Not only are they economical by extending your oil but they work effectively for everyone in your home.

Reach out to me with questions or help making your own roller ball blends.

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