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School Days

It is time for children to return to the classroom and have days filled with lessons and learning.

Returning to school can be hard for children and their families as we adjust from the carefree summer days. This is complicated by longer school hours with fewer breaks and recess and piles of homework even in elementary grades.

We can help our children through this change in routine by supporting their health with natural products. Here are some basics to achieve a successful and healthy school year.


Every year there will be some outbreak of illness effecting students and resulting in missed school days. Our children encounter numerous germs, viruses, bacteria and chemicals in the classroom that threaten their health.

The best way to counterattack is through prevention and building your child’s resistance to illness. This is best accomplished through the use of natural products that support immune development and the body’s natural ability to fend off the things that make us sick.

The OnGuard products are ideal for protecting your child against these illness factors.

  1. Fill their backpack with OnGuard Hand Sanitizing Mist

  2. Apply OnGuard daily to the bottom of their feet at night

  3. Use OnGuard hand soap

When your child appears to be coming down with something, apply a drop of Oregano to the bottom of their feet.

(NOTE: Always dilute oils with lotion or a carrier oil before application to the skin)



Daily vitamins and supplements are important for a child’s health and growth. It is important to choose a product that contains natural ingredients.



With health being derived from the gut, it is important to support the digestive system with a good probiotic. This will help your child is able to fend off illness well before they threaten their ability to attend school.

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Homework helper

Homework is intense for our children. They have already spent all day in a classroom and now carry home backpacks full of homework.

This can be both frustrating and tiring on both the child and family.

Diffusing Peppermint and Wild Orange during these times helps with focus, energy and attention to the tasks they must get through on their assignments.

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Classroom Support

Applying Balance to your child’s feet in the morning before school can help them stay centered and focused for their day.

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Overexcited and Hyper

If your child is full of energy and having a very hard time focusing and staying calm, using Monster juice to their feet and spine can help.



Applying Lavender to the bottom of the feet and along the spine help promote relaxation. Additionally, using Lavender and Breathe in a diffuser at night will help your child rest and sleep from their day.

(NOTE: 1 drop Lavender and 1 drop Breathe in the diffuser is sufficient for your child’s room)



School lunches are pitiful and lack nutrition that most children need. As a result your child may have upset tummies at times. Applying DigestZen to their tummy when this happens provides relief.


Interested in more?

Prepare for the school year with all natural products supporting your child to optimize their health and ability to do well in school.

Contact me with questions or click the Join & Save button on our website to purchase these items. All wholesale customers save 25% on their purchases.

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