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September SPECIALS!

September already!?!

In this month we prepare for the changing of the seasons that will welcome Fall.  While the weather will still be fair and the days sunny and warm for a while, it is time to start winding down from summer and enter our season of rest and restoration. Seasons remind us to honor our body and mind’s needs to welcome change and take time to rest and recharge when needed.

This month our blog will focus on relaxing, restoring and centering our body and mind in the exercise of doing those things that bring us back to what is most important. We will look at mindfulness and intentions that support our need for self-care to improve our health and allow our focus to support those efforts ongoing.

On Sale in September

In September we have 2 incredible sales!

20% Enrollment Kits – New Members Only

If you have been wanting to get your wholesale membership and have a nice set of oils to start with this is the month to do that. Not only will you save by getting the initial membership fee of $35 waived when you select an enrollment kit, you can get a serious discount on the most popular enrollment kits!

Natrual Solutions Kit- saves you $373.95 with 20% off!

  1. $228.95. on the kit and $35 membership fee normal savings

  2. Additional $110 off with this special

  3. Receive $100 in product credits and start out at the 15% level in the Loyalty Rewards Program

  4. Find out why this is the perfect enrollment kit to start transforming your life with by checking out our complete write up on it in a prior post located here:

This is the #1 kit i recommend to all new users because of its completeness to support you making these important changes in your life.

nat sol kit

Total Cost: $440

Home Essentials kit – Saves you $176.25 with  20% off!

  1. $86.25 on kit and $35 membership fee normal savings

  2. Additional $55 off with this sale

  3. This kit is ideal for honoring the family budget and getting oils in your home and health. It contains the top 10 most used oils and a high quality multi-functional diffuser

This is the 2nd recommendation I have for all new customers. It is a perfect set to get started without being overwhelming and budget strenuous.

home ess kit

Total Cost: $220

Emotional Aromatherapy kit – Saves you $143  with 20% off!

  1. $69 on the kit and $35 membership fee normal savings

  2. Additional $39 off with this sale

  3. This kit includes a wonderful multi-functional diffuser and the aromatherapy oils that include:

  4. Motivate

  5. Cheer

  6. Passion

  7. Forgive

  8. Console

  9. Peace

emotional aromatherapy kit.PNG

Total cost: $156

Cleanse & Restore Kit- Saves you $165.50 with 20% off!

  1. $81.50 on the kit and $35 membership fee normal savings

  2. Additional $49 off with this special

  3. This kit is perfect for starting your health oil journey off with a healthy cleanse. This kit includes:

  4. Life Long Vitality Supplement Set

  5. PB Assist+

  6. GX Assist

  7. Zendocrine Softgels

  8. Zendocrine Complex

  9. DDR Prime

  10. TerraZyme

  11. Lemon 15ml

cleanse and restore kit

Total Cost: $196

Mega Kits

There are two other enrollment kit options available with the 20% off savings. These kits are large and ideal for someone who wants to completely end-to-end transform their life day 1 and most likely has a strong interest in sharing oils with others as a business. You can start a doTERRA business with any enrollment kit or even just the membership but these kits give you every single thing you need to learn about these products and start sharing with others.

Every Oil Kit –

  1. As the name implies you will receive EVERY oil produced by doTERRA in this single kit plus a high quality multi-functional diffuser and bottle of fractionated coconut oil

  2. You also immediately receive $200 in product credits and start at the 20% level in the Loyalty Rewards Program

  3. Normally this kit would save you $630.25 when purchased at enrollment plus another $35 by waiving your membership fee

  4. This month you can purchase this kit with another 20% off

every oil kit

Total Cost: $1460

Diamond Kit

  1. This kit INCLUDES the Every Oil Kit plus contains the personal and home lifestyle products. It literally is every product sold by doTERRA.

  2. You also receive $400 in product credits and start at the 25% level in the Loyalty Rewards Program

  3. If you are serious about transforming your life and starting a business this is something to consider getting

  4. Normally this kit is saving you $866.25 plus the $35 initial membership fee is waived

  5. Now this month you can save an additional 20% off this kit

diamond kit

Total Cost: $2120

10% off of Cardamon!

All existing and new customers can pick up this incredible oil that is so helpful! Cardamon is great for supporting

  1. Breaking up chest congestion

  2. Control diarrhea

  3. Sore throat relief

  4. Bad breath support

  5. Stomach ache help

  6. Constipation relief

  7. Household odor help

September Specials

We have some great specials in September!

  1. The Essential Life reference book is THE book to have in your hands. Even the most experienced user refers to this book for tips, information and resources. In the front of this book is a large listing of conditions and symptoms along with recommended oils for each. Then the book beautifully describes each oil in great detail and provides helpful uses and resources. It is a great compliment to natural essential oils.

  2. By enrolling as a new customer this month and setting up your new Loyalty Reward Program participation by September 30, I will give you this book. (Value $25) My gift to you because I know firsthand how much this book will mean to you on your oil journey.


September Events

  1. doTERRA Convention

Later this month over 40,000 people from around the world will convene in Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual doTERRA Convention. This year’s theme “Dream” is shaping up to be absolutely incredible and complete with several new products rolling out. Look for updates throughout the month on the latest information about convention and special offers that will arise. We will also share with you the incredible new products and all the details for how you can get them.

It is our mission on this blog to always show you the products and the best ways to maximize your dollar to get them. We’d love for everyone to enjoy these products immediately but it’s also important to us to do this in a way that honors your family dollar.

We can only DREAM about how awesome these products will be until we are finally able to experience them in Utah!

dream convention
  1. Personalized Wellness ConsultationIf you are interested in natural solutions for your health and home but are not sure:

  2. Where to start

  3. What products are right for you

  4. If you are using your current products safely and correctly

  5. How to use them with your family or pets

  6. What brand is right for you

  7. What other ways you can use your oils and products

I invite you to a free 30 minute personalized wellness consultation with me!

In these sessions we will go through your specific needs and interests and I will recommend essential oils and natural products specific for you, answer your questions and provide any support you need. You may ask any questions you would like.  If you are interested in setting up a personal wellness consultation at a time that works for you, please email me at amyk@dragonspitapothecary

  1.  Oil Camps

All new customers are automatically provided with a at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

This is a wonderful way to start your oil journey or refresh on using oils effectively to support you and  your family.

  1. doTERRA Living Magazine

The summer edition of the doTERRA magazine is now available online for your summer reading pleasure!   Enjoy browsing online and then enroll with me to start getting this lovely publication in your mailbox!

summer edition

Free in September

If you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) or you begin this month and place your qualifying order by September 15 you receive a FREE bottle of Lime!

This is a $13 wholesale member savings

lime-oil (1)

How to Maximize Savings in September

If you are interested in starting to use oils, this is a good month to begin. doTERRA’s specials are catered to the new users so that you have a very economical way to begin your oil journey but there is always a few ways to capitalize on those savings even more. Here are my recommended options:

Option 1: Natural Solutions

When I crunched the numbers and looked at the total savings for new customers, the Natural Solutions kit came out on top this month. With the 20% off enrollment kits, this is the option to go with as a new wholesale customer.

Here’s how to maximize the savings on this kit:

  1. Become a Member today at

  2. Select the Natural Solutions Kit as your enrollment kit

  3. Enter address and payment information

Here’s what you save and get:

  1. 20% off the enrollment kit = $110

  2. $228.95 saved off the products in the kit

  3. $35 membership fee waived

  4. $100 in product credits to use as you wish

  5. 15% earning level in the Loyalty Rewards Program

  6. Wellness Consultation

  7. The Essential Life book after initial Loyalty Rewards Program order

Normally, this kit would cost $550, but you’re getting it this month for $440 plus the extras of $100 in product credit and 15% earning level in your monthly orders for additional free products.  That technically makes this kit $340.

Total Cost: $440

This is a savings of 98%

Option 2: Home Essentials

I really like this option for new users too. The Home Essentials Kit is what I started out using with doTERRA so it has a special place in my heart.

I will tell you upfront though as much as I love this kit and you are saving on it this month, for an additional $220 you are getting a lot more products and savings with Option 1. Just look at the number of products between the two and the savings you can realize with the larger kit.

However, I do understand family budgets may not allow for that extra which is why I’m thankful for this kit. It is very affordable while giving you a nice way to get started with oils. With your wholesale membership you can quickly get these other products and build this same kit over time.

Here’s how to maximize the savings on this kit:

  1. Become a Member today at

  2. Select the Home Essentials Kit as your enrollment kit

  3. Enter address and payment information

Here’s what you save and get:

  1. 20% off the enrollment kit = $55

  2. $86.25 saved off the products in the kit

  3. $35 initial membership fee waived

  4. Wellness consultation

  5. The Essential Life book after initial Loyalty Rewards order

Total Cost: $220

This is a savings of 89%

If you’re interested in doTERRA’s oils and products and are not currently working with anyone, please let me know. I’m happy to help you and answer any questions you have so that you get the right products for your needs.

Interested in more?

If you are ready to start using natural products to support and enhance your health, I recommend considering doTERRA. Their products are carefully curated and crafted to be 100% pure with no added chemicals, fillers or synthetics.  I’m happy to help with any questions you have to help you can make the right choice for you and your family.

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