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September SPECIALS!

September already!?!

In this month we prepare for the changing of the seasons that will welcome Fall.  While the weather will still be fair and the days sunny and warm for a while, it is time to start winding down from summer and enter our season of rest and restoration. Seasons remind us to honor our body and mind’s needs to welcome change and take time to rest and recharge when needed.

This month our blog will focus on relaxing, restoring and centering our body and mind in the exercise of doing those things that bring us back to what is most important. We will look at mindfulness and intentions that support our need for self-care to improve our health and allow our focus to support those efforts ongoing.

On Sale in September

In September we have 2 incredible sales!

20% Enrollment Kits – New Members Only

If you have been wanting to get your wholesale membership and have a nice set of oils to start with this is the month to do that. Not only will you save by getting the initial membership fee of $35 waived when you select an enrollment kit, you can get a serious discount on the most popular enrollment kits!

Natrual Solutions Kit- saves you $373.95 with 20% off!

  1. $228.95. on the kit and $35 membership fee normal savings

  2. Additional $110 off with this special

  3. Receive $100 in product credits and start out at the 15% level in the Loyalty Rewards Program

  4. Find out why this is the perfect enrollment kit to start transforming your life with by checking out our complete write up on it in a prior post located here:

This is the #1 kit i recommend to all new users because of its completeness to support you making these important changes in your life.

nat sol kit

Total Cost: $440

Home Essentials kit – Saves you $176.25 with  20% off!

  1. $86.25 on kit and $35 membership fee normal savings

  2. Additional $55 off with this sale

  3. This kit is ideal for honoring the family budget and getting oils in your home and health. It contains the top 10 most used oils and a high quality multi-functional diffuser

This is the 2nd recommendation I have for all new customers. It is a perfect set to get started without being overwhelming and budget strenuous.

home ess kit

Total Cost: $220

Emotional Aromatherapy kit – Saves you $143  with 20% off!