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Sick Care vs. Health Care – Part II

Back in May I published a post titled Sick Care vs. Health Care. In this short post I discussed how we no longer know what it feels like to feel good. We take expensive recurring medicines and spend fortunes on doctors but yet we never really seem to get better or realize improved health.

If you’d like to read that post it is available via this link: 

Since writing this post, I have continued to ponder this idea of how we can actually improve our health rather than continue this vicious cycle of sick care in a broken health care system.

Even if you consider yourself “healthy” you are still exposed to numerous toxins in our air, food and environment that threaten your health every single day. This is truly a society problem that every member in society is impacted on.

We all know the major epidemics in our country. Here, in the U.S. obesity, heart disease, cancer are commonplace along side diabetes, asthma, depression and anxiety. Epidemics are taking over our lives and that of our families and children.

Pillars of Health

Despite everything we know and think works to be healthy, the foundation of health is still the same. The pillars are unchanging despite diet trends, latest fads and medicines.

  1. Eat right

  2. Sleep and rest

  3. Move your body

There are actually two others that play a critical role in enhancing and maintaining your health:

  1. Reduce toxic load

  2. Practice self-care

We must apply these 5 pillars every day to varying degrees for what our body needs to feel good and have the best chance to fight against germs, viruses and diseases.


Natural Application

Traditional and natural medicines and treatments can compliment one another to support us being in the best position possible to achieve our health goals. However it is firmly up to us to find the right tools and use them in the way that works for us.

The right tools could be different for each of us but the more I have learned and applied natural solutions in our home and in my health the more I just can’t help but see and feel positive change occurring.

There are natural oils and products I’m using in our home every day that cost pennies compared to traditional products and medicines. Not only do they cost less but they work without the side effects and in ways that are truly better than what I was buying and using. So, through some very small changes we are:

  1. Saving money in our budget every month

  2. Saving time going to the store buying crap

  3. Not getting sick and having to go to the doctor for common illnesses

  4. Reducing our medication costs

  5. Our home doesn’t smell like a chemical plant

  6. Feeling better

If someone had told me that for a couple hundred dollars I could get a pure natural solution in my home that would eliminate 85-90% of the cleaners, medicines and supplements in our home and we would feel better and save money I would have laughed them out of the room.

That’s the stuff of cheesy commercials right?

In most cases yes.


It’s true in this case.

Here are 3 of the enrollment kits that contain an oil or product that support each of the 5 pillars of health I describe above. They are all natural, pure products that work.  I personally use everything pictured in our home.


They’ve made a difference and I see it, can feel it and enjoy watching my family benefit from it. I also enjoy the extra money and time that is no longer going to things that could have been contributing to why we felt bad in the first place.

compare chart.PNG

Interested in more?

If you have tried it all and are fed up…

If you’re tired of feeling tired and crappy and stressed out and more….

If you’re over being BFFs with your pharmacist and provider….

If you’re ready to spend less …

I personally invite you to try a natural health solution. It’s not about essential oils. It’s about you. It’s about you realizing good health can be achieved and enjoyed with nature not chemicals.

It’s about pushing back on our broken health care system and watching those we love never get better while we feel helpless over it. It’s about taking real control of our health.

Are you ready to feel better?

Contact me with questions. There is never an obligation to purchase.

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