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Sudsy Situations

The newest cleaner to be replaced in our home with an all natural product is the dish soap. I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to do this one. Replacing dish soap is easy and even more easy than some of the other things I have replaced since starting this process.

Several months ago I replaced our dishwasher soap with tablets that I now make. While you can make a powder detergent I went with tablets because our young son is in charge of putting them in the washer and starting it when it’s full. It’s an easy recipe and a batch lasts just as long as what I was buying previously. I even sent the remaining few Finish tablets we had left to my sister-in-law’s house back in June. I am highly satisfied with these new tablets and notice a big difference in our dishes. They no longer feel waxy and there are not any spots or haze. It’s amazing how much regular detergent was left on the dishes that you in turn drink and eat from.

Think about that for a minute. Not all the soap from your detergent and soap washes off. It stays on your dishes, cups and utensils that you use with every meal. YOUR FAMILY IS EATING SOAP AND CHEMICALS!

I have always used Dawn dish soap. I used this soap for washing dishes, cleaning surfaces and often for general wipe downs and cleaning.  This was my preferred dish soap.

It is after all what they use on ducks and animals that are exposed to environmental disasters to get the sludge and muck off them so why wouldn’t I trust it to clean my dishes?

The problem with products like Dawn are the ingredients. Look at the bottle.

Can you pronounce what’s in there?

Do you know what even half those things are?

Here’s the label from Dawn Hand Renewal. I’ll admit I recognize Water and Alcohol from this list and from looking up the rest most are preservatives, coloring and fragrance.  Why do we need Red 33, Yellow 5 and Blue 1 in our soap along with these other chemicals?


Seriously that’s what’s sitting in your kitchen right now that you clean your dishes with and then turnaround and feed your family.  YUCK!

How to make your own

Here’s what I’ve done instead and again I can’t believe it took me so long knowing how simple this is to have on hand.