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Sun Powered Soul

Feeling the sun on my skin is electrifying and calming. It tingles and warms across my face and skin. I am encompassed into this envelope of warmth and brightness that fills me outside in. It feels safe. It feels comforting. I am uplifted in their spirit of the sun. This must be what plants and trees feel like as they awaken in spring with the soft encouragement of these warm sun beams. I too feel like unfolding, stretching long and letting the sun touch every area of my body in it’s loving embrace.

Being in the sun makes me happy. I feel at peace. My worries slide off my mind as the sun beams down on my hair. I can smile. Feeling the muscles in my face turn upward as more of the stress from daily living leaves my body. I let go. My body relaxes in a state of being here right now. It is the ultimate mindfulness experience. My feet slide out of my shoes to feel cool grass underneath that balances the warmth the sun is giving me. It the perfect element I am in. It is now and it is for me.

It is always calling to me to come. It is always encouraging me to stay. My relationship with nature is ever present. Every day I wake to find the sun rising with beams of pinks, reds and oranges streaking across the sky in a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors. This landscape reminds me there is more and it is mine. Life is bigger than the tasks I’m about to start, the commute I will make or the chores I will do throughout my day. Life is more and it is mine to capture, shape and paint much like that gorgeous sunrise I see each morning.

I can look out my office window and see the sun, clouds, raindrops and wind. It all beckons me to be part of it. I am part of it and it part of me. Sometimes I think the weather knows how I’m feeling and feels it too. When I need rest or am hurt it rains. When I need change the winds blow making room for new things to come. When I need recharging there is the warm sun with its embracing beams inviting me to soak in them and take what I need.

Moving in alignment with nature feels free, liberating and calm. I can release stress and unburden my shoulders of the things man’s life puts there. Mortgage payments, childcare, meal planning and preparation, laundry, a job, a business all of it easing off like a heavy jacket from my shoulders as I let the sun heal my soul and refill my drained heart from giving all that I have to all these areas of my life. Now I can release what constrained, restrained, limited, formed, forced and pulled at me and give it to the sun where it will burn in a happy release of power that will refuel me to do what I must next. I am allowed to be me and let the burdens of life slip away hearing my own voice, feeling my own heart and refueling my own soul for what my dreams really mean.

Everything around me is fueled by this magnificent sun that feels like it is only beaming on me. Yet I know it is capable and gracious to beam on everyone and everything. It is what webs us together with another and with nature. The flowers I use to make soap or the vegetables I put in my salad bowl are gifts from the sun, much like the birds I hear chirping in the nearby trees. I feel grateful and blessed in this moment. All of this grand beauty and grace in my own backyard. I can leave this moment recharged and reset for what I may face next. I have taken the gifts of nature and let them into my soul recharging me. The smile on my face staying as I feel positive I can succeed.


This is a reflection post from my personal meditation in my backyard. Prior to going to the backyard I had a horrible day at work. Our son had a tough day at school and there was mountains of homework we had to get through. It was one of those days where it all just went to hell and never got better. We all have those days right?

I use doTERRA essential oils every day and they help in these kinds of days but sometimes I really need something more. A glass of wine. A soak in the tub. A minute to let the sun help me release it all. I applied the doTERRA Balance oil to my feet bottoms and back of neck and went outside. I didn’t know what to expect or what I was going to do but I went. It felt right. I admit I am not the greatest at meditation but sessions like this make me feel proud of how far I have come. To be able to describe for you what I felt, what I thought, how the experience transformed me is powerful. Too often we are told to meditate without knowing what to expect, how to feel, what to do even. It’s more than just sitting still in some cross legged position trying to turn off your mind. I’ve never been able to turn off my mind very well.

If you’re a busy mom or just having one of those days (again), give this a try. Aligning our souls to nature and the sun changes those stressors. They don’t go away as I went back in the house and still had a mountain of home to get through with our son and dinner to prepare but I was calmer. I felt better and more in control. I felt I could move through the rest of my day in more control. I could open my heart up to hope tomorrow would be better.

Are you ready to live more naturally?

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