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Taking Tea to the Next Level

Sweet iced tea is a staple in the area where I live. It’s the beverage of choice for many on hot summer days or as a year round beverage.

Whether you prefer your tea hot or cold, sweet or unsweet, there is something wonderful about tea.

Drinking tea is calming, soothing, comforting and relaxing. Even when the tea you are enjoying is caffeinated, the sensation of these feelings is both centering and grounding.

It’s a “ahh” moment we can savor to relax, unwind and enjoy life if only briefly.

There are many varieties of tea available from herbal, organic, medicinal to traditional.  Your flavor preference is really the only driver.

The simple truth of it is you can also use your tea to enhance this moment of enjoyment from drinking it to include benefits for your health.

For example, Green Tea has been noted as a health tea good for your circulation, weight management and appetite. But, when you take that same green tea and add a drop of Wild Orange or Tangerine essential oil to it, you have just created Green Tea Super Power!  The antioxidants in a good Green Tea are empowered with the citrus essential oil to help you reduce water weight, boost immunity and detox your body.

Hold your tea cozy because get this…You can go even a step further and simply use essential oils in lieu of tea leaves and bags!

That’s crazy right!

Essential Oil Tea Options

To add essential oils to your preferred tea is perfectly acceptable. Simply make your tea as usual, hot or cold version, and add a 1/2 to full drop of essential oil of your choosing for taste.

Some oil-tea pairings include:

  1. Earl Grey with a drop of Tangerine

  2. Jasmine tea with a drop of Lavender

  3. Green tea with Lemon, Lime, or Wild Orange

  4. Rose tea with Peppermint

  5. Black tea with Copaiba and Lemon