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The 100 Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh and his band of friends who live in The 100 Acre Wood are beloved characters many of us remember from our own childhood and can share with our children today. In watching the newest tale of Winnie the Pooh reuniting with a grown up Christopher Robin we are able to revisit this wonderful tree filled forest and the characters we adore.

In true essential oil user fashion I couldn’t help in watching this movie how some essential oils and natural products would help our friends on their many adventures. Many of us can relate to the characters in this movie or have experiences similar to them in our own lives. We too can benefit from the recommendations of these oils in our own daily adventures.

Winnie the Pooh


The lover of honey, this silly ol’ bear is constantly getting into tight spaces on his quest to find another honey pot.

That honey he loves to much actually works really well with essential oils that would further enhance the flavor and deliver health benefits such as immune support, digestion and hair and skin support.

That pot of honey would pair really well with a drop of any of these oils:

  1. Peppermint to help with digestion and immunity

  2. Lavender to improve cell regeneration and support relaxation and rest

  3. Grapefruit to help with water retention and as a antioxidant

  4. Fennel to help curb that sweet tooth




Eeyore who suffers from extremely low self-esteem and blue feelings would definitely benefit from the doTERRA aromatherapy line up of oils. These oil blends support us across the spectrum of feelings from happy to sad.  Perhaps applying some of these to his tail would help it heal as well.



This beloved sidekick of Winnie the Pooh joins in all the adventures and often finds himself in odd predicaments with his best pal.

To keep up with all the adventures he goes on, he needs some essential oil support like these:

  1. Eucalyptus to help with allergies and congestion from all the pollen in the forest

  2. Juniper Berry for stress and tension

  3. Marjoram for muscle sprains and accidents




A single mom trying to protect her son and keep up with the continual laundry. Kanga needs what all moms need when it comes to stressing over our children.

  1. Clary Sage to help with hormonal needs and tension from those changes

  2. Frankincense to help with daily life and all we encounter




Your typical growing child that is full of energy and curiosity.   We are sure like every child Roo also needs some help calming down at the end of a busy active day.




This high energy boncy guy is non-stop from morning to night. We’re betting he even wiggles at lot at night.

To help him maintain that bounce we recommend Deep Blue. There has to be some time when even Tigger could use some support with sore muscles and achy joints.


Interested in more?

You don’t have to be a silly ol’ bear to enjoy the benefits of having essential oils in your life. There are so many ways oils can support our bodies and protect us from illness.

Email me with questions or to have help finding the oils perfect for your needs.

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